National football team: Kimmich’s new tournament feeling: FCB jump after head dive?

National football team: Kimmich’s new tournament feeling: FCB jump after head dive?
National football team: Kimmich’s new tournament feeling: FCB jump after head dive?

Joshua Kimmich has to adapt to a different role at the European Championships on home soil. Regardless, he wants to finally be successful. A pool video amuses his colleagues. And what’s next for FC Bayern?

Joshua Kimmich is finally having fun again at a major tournament. The ambitious Bayern professional, who was always a face of Germany’s failure as the leader of a new generation of players at the three botched tournaments from 2018 to 2022, is with the national football team in the European Championship round of 16 against Denmark.

Even though his role on the pitch has changed, Kimmich’s 30th year could see his fervent wish for a tournament that meets his standards come true.

Kimmich’s teammates in the European Championship quarters also witnessed his good mood. A video on Instagram shows him in the dark at the swimming pool. “Just as you are, now head in,” shouts Robert Andrich in the style of an entertainer on an all-inclusive holiday. Kimmich, who is addressed, looks briefly, then hands over his cell phone, takes the few steps to the edge of the pool and actually jumps headfirst into the water in his tracksuit.

“Hey boy, you’re not quite right in the head”

Accompanied by the laughter of some of his colleagues and Andrich’s comments, Kimmich swims breaststroke the few meters to the other side of the pool. “Hey, that’s crazy, boy. You’re not quite right in the head,” comments Andrich, the instigator of the scene.

Kimmich has not yet managed to pull off similarly spectacular moves in the European Championship stadiums, although he came close in the 1:1 draw against Switzerland. “I had the best chance in the second half with a left-footed shot,” said Kimmich himself. He almost scored his seventh goal in his 89th international match. But his shot was blocked. Kimmich had to wait until injury time to celebrate when Niclas Füllkrug scored.

“It was a bit tougher, we weren’t as dangerous,” Kimmich analyzed after the final whistle. “We weren’t quite as compelling over 90 minutes.” He put this down to the dry pitch in the Frankfurt stadium, which slowed the game down. “But we really wanted to score another goal. We did that.” And that’s why Kimmich is going into the knockout match against Denmark with a good feeling.

Different position, unchanged role

The man who sees himself as a leader has to live with the fact that his position has made him a marginal figure at the home European Championships. Toni Kroos and pool entertainer Andrich are the movers and shakers in the center. No matter. Kimmich’s main goal in his fourth major tournament since the 2016 European Championships is to finally have success with the DFB team. “I see my role as relatively unchanged. Of course, the position has changed a bit.” Nevertheless, as before, his declared goal in midfield remains “to lead the way with good performances.”

Speculation about Bayern’s future

Julian Nagelsmann moved him to the right in the European Championship year. Just like Thomas Tuchel did at FC Bayern. “As a right-back, the requirements are a little different than at number six. I’ve played that position before. And I quickly found my way around again,” he said during the European Championship days.

The situation seems more complicated at the club. Full-back? Number six? Before the new Bayern coach Vincent Kompany can answer this Kimmich question, it must be clarified whether Kimmich’s future still lies in Munich. There is a lot of speculation about him leaving Bayern this summer or leaving on a free transfer after his contract ends in a year. “Everything points to Kimmich leaving Bayern,” was the headline in the “Bild” newspaper.

The ZDF documentary “Leaders and Drivers” about Kimmich reinforced the impression that the former model relationship with the club is no longer close after nine years. Mutual appreciation has suffered. Even if Kimmich toned down critical comments about the club’s treatment of him in the vaccination debate during the Corona pandemic.

Modified Boss Circle

“In general, it was two or three years ago, at a time when other people were of course responsible,” said Kimmich in Frankfurt, indirectly referring to Oliver Kahn or Hasan Salihamidzic, who are no longer part of the Munich bosses’ circle.

Before the start of the European Championship, Kimmich postponed the topic of the club’s future until after the start of the European Championship. “And FC Bayern will definitely be my first point of contact,” he said. A professional cliché? The opinion of new coach Kompany is also important to him. But he is even more interested in the answer to other questions: “What does the club think? What does the club want?” There are a few options: Sell? Extend? Or postpone the future until 2025?

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