This was the 2024 NBA Draft, waiting to see what will happen to LeBron James’ son

This was the 2024 NBA Draft, waiting to see what will happen to LeBron James’ son
This was the 2024 NBA Draft, waiting to see what will happen to LeBron James’ son

The French Zaccharie Risacher was chosen by the Atlanta Hawks in the first position of the first round of the draft of the NBA of 2024.

The traditional ceremony for choosing young North American basketball talents, held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn (New York)was going on without surprises with the selection of French talent and waiting to see what happens with the son of Lebron James, Bronny James.

Risachera 19-year-old forward, 2.06 metres tall, is the second consecutive Frenchman to be chosen number one in the Draftafter what Victor Wembanyama was elected by the San Antonio Spurs last year.


Zaccharie Risacher, number 1 in the 2024 NBA Draft

“It’s a blessing”Risacher said. “It’s very exciting. There are so many feelings and emotions right now (…) I’m so happy. It’s amazing.”added number 1.

Risacher helped the JL Bourg to reach the final of the EuroCup this year, which won the Paris Basketballcutting ticket to the Euroleague.

He became the second youngest player to be named best young player in the EuroCup and he also won that award in the French league after averaging 10.1 points and 3.8 rebounds in 22 minutes per game with the JL Bourg.

Another Frenchman, the center Alexandre Sarr19 years old and 2.13 meters tall, was selected second in the Draft for the Washington Wizards.

Sarr He played last season in the Perth Wildcats of the Australian National Basketball League.

It is the third time in the history of the NBA that the first two selections of the Draft were occupied by players without college experience in USA.

Houstonwith the third selection, chose the guard Reed Sheppard of the University of Kentucky.

Sheppardwho turned 20 on Monday, averaged 12.5 points, 4.5 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 2.5 steals per game. He led all U.S. college players with 52.1 percent 3-point shooting.

With the fourth choice, Saint Anthony selected the 19-year-old guard Stephon Castlefrom the national university champion Connecticut. Last season he scored 11.1 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game with the Huskies.

What will happen to LeBron James’ son in the Draft? It is defined tonight

With several selections yet to be confirmed, it is expected that in the second round of the draft -which will take place on Thursday night- the fate of Bronny Jamesthe son of LeBron. Although surprises have not yet been ruled out.


The future of Bronny James remains to be determined.

The future of Bronny James still remains to be defined.

2024 NBA Draft Picks

  • Pick / Team / Player
  • 1 Atlanta Hawks, Zaccharie Risacher
  • 2Washington Wizards, Alex Sarr
  • 3 Houston Rockets, Reed Sheppard
  • 4 San Antonio Spurs, Stephon Castle
  • 5 Detroit Pistons, Ron Holland
  • 6 Charlotte Hornets, Tidjane Salaun
  • 7 Portland Trail Blazers, Donovan Clingan
  • 8 Minnesota Timberwolves (via Spurs), Rob Dillingham
  • 9 Memphis Grizzlies, Zach Edey
  • 10 Utah Jazz, Cody Williams
  • 11 Chicago Bulls, Matas Buzelis
  • 12 Oklahoma City Thunder (via Rockets), Nikola Topic
  • 13 Sacramento Kings, Devin Carter
  • 14 Washington Wizards (via Blazers), Bub Carrington
  • 15 Miami Heat, Kel’el Ware
  • 16 Philadelphia 76ers, Jared McCain
  • 17 Los Angeles Lakers, Dalton Knecht
  • 18 Orlando Magic, Tristan Da Silva
  • 19 Toronto Raptors (via Pacers), Ja’Kobe Walter
  • 20 Cleveland Cavaliers, Jaylon Tyson
  • 21 New Orleans Pelicans (via Bucks), Yves Missi
  • 22 Denver Nuggets (via Suns), DaRon Holmes
  • 23 Milwaukee Bucks (via Pelicans), AJ Johnson
  • 24 Washington Wizards (via Knicks), Kyshawn George
  • 25 New York Knicks, Pacome Dadiet
  • 26 Oklahoma City Thunder (via Knicks), Dillon Jones
  • 27 Minnesota Timberwolves, Terrence Shannon Jr.
  • 28 Phoenix Suns (via Nuggets), Ryan Dunn
  • 29 Utah Jazz (via Thunder), Isaiah Collier
  • 30 Boston Celtics, Baylor Scheierman

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