EM 2024: Still tickets for the Germany match? Possible for 2000 euros

EM 2024: Still tickets for the Germany match? Possible for 2000 euros
EM 2024: Still tickets for the Germany match? Possible for 2000 euros

While the free ticket sales for the European Championships were a complete success, UEFA still has a number of remaining tickets in the VIP area. A final ticket, for example, costs 5,900 euros – plus taxes.

When the German national football team plays its round of 16 match against Denmark on Saturday, the Dortmund stadium will be full – or so you would think. All 2.7 million tickets for the European Championship games from official sales are sold out, according to UEFA. This includes the DFB team’s match against Denmark. The only option now is to get the last tickets via a UEFA resale platform. However, these are usually individual tickets. Anyone who wants to go to the game in larger groups will have a hard time getting there.

There is, however, a possibility for this that UEFA rarely advertises – probably because the prices do not allow for a broad target group. But if you look at the UEFA website at the moment, you will see plenty of freely available tickets, actually for every game – in the VIP area.

For DFB fans who decide at short notice, tickets are still available in the “Club”. The cost is 2,000 euros, excluding taxes. In return, however, fans can enjoy an “extraordinary game experience with exquisite catering and first-class service at Uefa EURO 2024™,” the website says. In Dortmund, where the round of 16 will take place, this includes a “selection of hot and cold street food snacks served at stations” and a “seat behind the goal”. A parking space is also available on request (although regular stadium visitors know that the VIP parking in Dortmund offers no advantages).

European Championship final tickets from 5900 euros

When asked, UEFA did not provide any information on how many VIP tickets were still available. The occupancy rate was comparable to that of the 2016 European Championship in France, they said. Not even four percent of all tickets were reserved for VIPs.

As of today, there are still tickets available for all games. There are even VIP tickets in two categories for the final on July 14th in the Olympic Stadium. Cost: from 5,900 euros, excluding taxes. The most expensive option, “Maifeld Garden”, costs 10,900 euros plus taxes. The disadvantage in both cases: there is no catering in the Olympic Stadium itself, but only in “exclusive lounge areas on the Maifeld” – the green area behind the Marathon Gate. But a lot is included. From a “fine dining experience” to “champagne and premium spirits”. Also “premium seats in category 1”, or in the cheaper case “seats in the upper tier”.

What UEFA does with the remaining tickets is difficult to understand. In the end, the games are considered “sold out”, even if VIP tickets can still be purchased up until a few hours beforehand. However, they are usually then given to UEFA partners at short notice, who can then use them to invite employees and customers.

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