He was a scorer for Independiente, played in the Premier League and ended up being a pizza maker

He was a scorer for Independiente, played in the Premier League and ended up being a pizza maker
He was a scorer for Independiente, played in the Premier League and ended up being a pizza maker

The transition from active life as professional football player Retirement is a unique and challenging path that many athletes face at the end of their careers. While the glitter of the stadiums and the fanaticism of the fans mark years of competition and difficulties, retirement brings a significant change towards a new reality off the courts.

For footballers, this transition not only involves leaving behind an intensely physical and competitive profession, but also exploring new identities, roles and opportunities outside the world of sport that defined them for so long. Some are far removed from the sport that sheltered them for so long and others are closer to football-related tasks.

The protagonist of today’s story was a young promise from Independent of Avellaneda, had a successful time in Mexican soccer and then became a pizza maker. His name is Matias Vuoso.

The football career of Matías Vuoso

Matías Vuoso, born on November 3, 1981 in Mar del Plata, is a former soccer player who distinguished himself as a scoring forward. The Argentine nationalized Mexican began his journey at Banfield in Mar del Plata, and then wore the shirt of one of Argentina’s greats: Independiente. In the Avellaneda team he debuted in the first division in 2000.

In 2002, Vuoso packed his bags to fulfill every footballer’s dream: to play in the Premier League. The Mar del Plata native joined the squad of Manchester City in a transfer that raised great expectations. However, his time in European football did not meet expectations, without playing matches for the English team. It was then that the opportunity opened up in the country that hosted him for the rest of his career. Once he arrived in Mexico, he dressed in the colors of the Saints Laguna for the 2003-2004 season, where he found his true potential as a forward.

At Santos Laguna, Matías Vuoso became an icon, standing out as one of the top scorers in the Mexican league in the Clausura 2005 and Apertura 2005 tournaments.


During 2006 it was transferred to America where he did not have much participation. From 2007 to 2010 he played for Santos Laguna again where he won a League in 2008 and where he was also called to belong to the local team.

In 2010, Vuoso had his second stage in América where he managed to score his 100th goal, becoming a true killer of Mexican soccer. Until the year of his retirement (2017), the former Independiente passed through other clubs in the Aztec country: Atlas, Cruz Azul Chiapas, and Correcaminos of the UAT. He also had a brief stint in Córdoba Workshops in 2016. Matías played a total of 571 games and scored 188 goals, not bad.

At the international level, he was summoned for the first time to the Mexican national team in 2008, debuting in a match against Jamaica. For the 2010 South Africa qualifiers, the former striker was key by scoring a goal against Canada that prevented the tricolor team from being left out of the World Cup. Despite not having been called up for that World Cup, the player was later one of Mexico’s figures participating in the 2015 Copa América, where he was one of the team’s scorers.

Matías Vouso and his life after retiring from football

After retiring from professional football, Matías Vuoso remained active in various sports-related activities and outside of them as well. After hanging up his boots in 11-a-side football, the former footballer had his step in the showballa 5-a-side football game with walls. The Mar del Plata native had signed a contract with the Barracudas FC of Río Grande, Texas, a team that played in the Major Arena Soccer League.

However, some time later the former Independiente decided to move away from the sport to try your luck as a pizza maker. Vuoso worked at a Mexican pizzeria called Emilianos Pizzas y Esaladas, where he was awarded employee of the month years ago.


“For his punctuality, his care, dedication and attention to customers, we give the ‘Employee of the Month Award’ to our captain, Toro.Vicente Matias VuosoEmilianos Pizzas the place of true warriors at heart, don’t forget to share,” the pizzeria published.

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