Germany – Denmark in the TV review: “VAR crazy”

Germany – Denmark in the TV review: “VAR crazy”
Germany – Denmark in the TV review: “VAR crazy”

A football evening that had to go into extra time due to the weather – not an easy situation, on or off the pitch. At the end there were even fan chants for the experts.

By Ingo Scheel

Interruptions by streakers, fallen goals or even cloudbursts – there are a number of eventualities that can drag on the game. Yesterday, in any case, the weather gods showed impressively that they don’t really care about such a world-shattering event as the European Championship round of 16 in Dortmund. Completely soaked instead of completely relaxed was the motto in the first half of the match between Germany and Denmark.

It was already clear beforehand that this would be a special thrill, the mantra in the reporting: If Germany wins, it will be the first knockout game victory in eight years, just imagine that. Christoph Kramer later tried to take the seriousness out of this ominous number by saying that it sounds more extreme than it is. He didn’t sound entirely convincing, but the ZDF experts were still optimistic, Mertesacker had predicted a 2:1, Kramer even a 3:0. Fritzy Kromp was a guest of Jochen Breyer in the EM arena. She also predicted a 2:1, albeit with a possible extra time.

Weather interruption in Dortmund

It was already clear that everyone involved would have to extend the game in a special way if one had studied the weather forecast carefully. From the 35th minute onwards, however, it started pouring rain for both old and new, so that the game had to be interrupted. Due to the “Niagara Falls”, Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and her boy group were given the task of bridging the gap with spontaneous talk. Nothing really important came to light. There was a lot of raving about the Danes, such as “a sympathetic.d50f84252c99df9979488d5d998b9612.css” fetchpriority=”high”>

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