Checo Pérez had problems and finished 7th in the Austrian Grand Prix

Checo Pérez had problems and finished 7th in the Austrian Grand Prix
Checo Pérez had problems and finished 7th in the Austrian Grand Prix

Sergio Pérez finished the race in seventh position, behind Nico Hulkenberg, in a race where the Mexican raced with damage to his left sidepod due to an incident at the first corner.

Verstappen He was comfortably leading the competition, but had a slow stop on his second pass through the pits and allowed Norris to get within striking distance of the Red Bull driver.

Running on new medium tyres against a set of the same compound used on Verstappen’s car, Norris began to attack the three-time reigning champion, again at Turn 3 of the Austrian circuit.

After several unsuccessful attempts, but pushing the limit for both, on lap 64 of the 71 planned, contact occurred in the same turn 3 between Verstappen’s left rear tyre and Norris’ right rear tyre, who then also hit his front wing against that same area of ​​the RB20.

The result was retirement for Norris, while Verstappen was able to continue in the race after changing tires.

George Russell took advantage of the situation to jump from third to first and take the victory at the wheel of his Mercedes W15, followed by Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz.

Verstappen maintained the lead at the start followed by Norris and Russell, while Hamilton overtook Sainz for fourth position and “Checo” Pérez went from eighth to sixth after overtaking Piastri and Leclerc.


Checo Pérez’s Red Bull suffered damage to its left sidepod after an incident on the first lap and this caused a drop in his performance. In addition, the Mexican driver was penalized with 5 seconds for speeding in the pitlane.


However, Leclerc was trapped between Piastri and Perez at the first corner, which caused contact for the Ferrari.with the McLaren, damaging his front wing and having to go to the pits to change it.

Pérez, for his part, was overtaken by Piastri on the seventh lap, leaving him in seventh position. Previously there had been contact between the two in Turn 4 that left “Checo” with damage to the left sidepod of his RB20, which considerably affected his career since then.

In 20 completed laps of the 71 planned, Verstappen’s difference at the front was six seconds, while Russell was more than four behind Norris with the first places distanced from each other and without a hand-to-hand fight on the track.

A couple of laps later, the leaders’ first pit stops began, which created work for the stewards.

First, to apply a five-second penalty to Hamilton for crossing the white line when entering the pits, as well as a similar one to Pérez for exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane. They also investigated an unsafe start by Verstappen into Norris, but that did not result in a penalty for the Dutchman.

In 30 laps of the race, Verstappen was seven seconds ahead of Norris at the front of the race, while Russell, who was the only one of the leaders to keep the medium during his pit stop instead of going to the hard, remained less than four seconds behind the McLaren driver and at the same time had a similar difference with Sainz.

Pérez was able to overtake Kevin Magnussen’s Haas and Nico Hulkenberg after his pit stop, but from there he showed a very slow pace compared to the first six and fell more than ten seconds behind Piastri, sixth.

Verstappen began to complain about the behaviour of his hard tyres, although his lap times did not reflect a considerable difference with Norris and he maintained the difference at the front of the race.

On lap 52, the top two pitted for a change from hard to medium tyres, but Red Bull had a slow 6.5s stop due to a problem changing the left rear tyre, which reduced the gap between the two to just one and a half seconds. In addition, the Dutchman fitted a used set against a new one from his rival.

That delay in the pits changed the race, since the Briton took advantage of the moment and began to push hard – with a lap record of 1m08s016 included – and placed himself in the DRS zone, even attempting an overtake in turn 3 on the lap. 55, but Verstappen was able to cover him by moving under braking, prompting a comment from Norris on the radio.

Norris made another attempt at the same location four laps later, overtaking Verstappen but exceeding the track limits in the process, so he had to return the position to the Red Bull driver. The situation was reversed on lap 63, again at Turn 3, but with Verstappen having to go wide beyond the limits to maintain the lead.

However, one lap later the incident took place that changed everything when Verstappen and Norris came into contact in Turn 3 when the Briton attacked the Dutchman from the outside. They both touched their rear tires and then the McLaren’s front wing collided with the Red Bull.

Verstappen was able to make it to the pits to change tires and returned to the race in fifth position, while Norris had to abandon due to damage to his McLaren. The stewards gave Verstappen a ten-second penalty for considering him responsible for the incident, but it did not change his final position in the qualifying table.

Russell, who was a distant third, cruised to victory in the closing laps to claim his second F1 win and Mercedes’ first since the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Piastri managed to take second place after overtaking Sainz in the final part of the race, leaving the Spaniard on the last step of the podium, with Hamilton in fourth place.

Hulkenberg obtained a great sixth place for Haas after holding back Pérez for more than ten laps without the Mexican being able to overtake the German.

Magnussen completed the day for Haas in eighth place, with Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly rounding out the top ten.

The 2024 Formula 1 season will continue next weekend with the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit.

The classification

  • 1.George Russell (GBR/Mercedes) 306.452 km in 1 hour 24:22.798
  • 2.Oscar Piastri (AUS/McLaren-Mercedes) at 1.906
  • 3.Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP/Ferrari) at 4,533
  • 4.Lewis Hamilton (GBR/Mercedes) at 23,142
  • 5.Max Verstappen (NED/Red Bull) at 37.253
  • 6.Nico Hülkenberg (GER/Haas-Ferrari) at 54,088
  • 7.Sergio Pérez (MEX/Red Bull) at 54,672
  • 8.Kevin Magnussen (DEN/Haas-Ferrari) at 1:00.355
  • 9.Daniel Ricciardo (AUS/Racing Bulls-Red Bull) at 1:01.169
  • 10.Pierre Gasly (FRA/Alpine-Renault) at 1:01.766
  • 11.Charles Leclerc (MON/Ferrari) at 1:07.056
  • 12.Esteban Ocon (FRA/Alpine-Renault) at 1:08.325
  • 13.Lance Stroll (CAN/Aston Martin-Mercedes) 1 lap
  • 14.Yuki Tsunoda (JPN/Racing Bulls-Red Bull) 1 lap
  • 15.Alexander Albon (THA/Williams-Mercedes) 1 lap away
  • 16.Valtteri Bottas (FIN/Sauber-Ferrari) 1 lap away
  • 17.Zhou Guanyu (CHN/Sauber-Ferrari) 1 lap
  • 18.Fernando Alonso (ESP/Aston Martin-Mercedes) 1 lap
  • 19.Logan Sargeant (USA/Williams-Mercedes) 2 laps away
  • 20.Lando Norris (GBR/McLaren-Mercedes) 7 laps away

Best race lap: Fernando Alonso (ESP/Aston Martin-Mercedes) 1:07.694 on lap 70 (average: 289.887 km/h)

Abandonment: Lando Norris (GBR/McLaren-Mercedes): mechanical problem, lap 65 (finished in qualifying)

World driver classification

  • 1. Max Verstappen (NED) 237 pts
  • 2. Lando Norris (GBR) 156
  • 3. Charles Leclerc (MON) 150
  • 4. Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) 135
  • 5. Sergio Pérez (MEX) 118
  • 6. Oscar Piastri (AUS) 112
  • 7. George Russell (GBR) 111
  • 8. Lewis Hamilton (GBR) 85
  • 9. Fernando Alonso (ESP) 41
  • 10. Yuki Tsunoda (JPN) 19
  • 11. Lance Stroll (CAN) 17
  • 12. Nico Hulkenberg (GER) 14
  • 13. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS) 11
  • 14. Oliver Bearman (GBR) 6
  • 15. Pierre Gasly (FRA) 6
  • 16. Kevin Magnussen (DEN) 5
  • 17. Esteban Ocon (FRA) 3
  • 18. Alexander Albon (THA) 2
  • 19. Zhou Guanyu (CHN) 0
  • 20. Valtteri Bottas (FIN) 0
  • 21. Logan Sargeant (USA) 0

Constructors World Classification

  • 1. Red Bull 355 pts
  • 2. Ferrari 291
  • 3. McLaren-Mercedes 268
  • 4. Mercedes 196
  • 5. Aston Martin-Mercedes 58
  • 6. Racing Bulls-Red Bull 30
  • 7. Haas-Ferrari 19
  • 8. Alpine-Renault 9
  • 9. Williams-Mercedes 2
  • 10. Sauber-Ferrari 0

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