Checo Pérez exploded after the Austrian Grand Prix: “I can’t believe…”

Checo Pérez exploded after the Austrian Grand Prix: “I can’t believe…”
Checo Pérez exploded after the Austrian Grand Prix: “I can’t believe…”

The Mexican driver exploded on the Red Bull team radio after arriving in seventh place. He also pointed out that the collision with Oscar Piastri at the beginning of the competition damaged his car in Austria and he no longer had the expected pace.


Czech Perez can’t change the bad season he’s having in the Formula 1. The Mexican pilot of Red Bull He could never really be competitive while his teammate Max Verstappendominated both classifications, won the sprint race and could have won the grand prix had it not been for a delay in the pits and a subsequent incident with Lando Norris.

Sergio Perez He had placed his hopes in the race after barely achieving eighth place in qualifying and pointing out that the pace in long runs should be better. Reality was altered when on the first lap there was part of the contact between Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari and Oscar Piastri’s McLaren losing parts of his RB20 thatthat slowed down their pace throughout the race.

Checo Pérez upset after the Austrian GP

“There was a lot of damage on my side and I think I touched Piastri a little bit. I don’t know if it came from there,” the Mexican expressed in the media area after the race.

“It was unfortunate because we had a good start, but from there the car was on a knife edge and, yes, I couldn’t do anything. I was out of balance.”

Upon receiving the checkered flag, and after Hugh Bird, his race engineer, informed him of the incident between Verstappen and Norris and the final qualifier, Pérez was especially frustrated by his current form in Formula 1.

“I can’t believe how slow we are,” the Guadalajara pilot shot before adding: “This is too much”.


Explanations about the performance of his Red Bull are of no use. Mexican Checo Pérez explored on the radio by shouting

Explanations about the performance of your Red Bull are worthless. The Mexican Checo Pérez explored the radio by shouting “How slow we are. This is too much.”


Hugh Bird, his race engineer, did not respond to Perez’s comment. and only continued giving him the usual end-of-race instructions to take the car to parc ferme.

The difficult round of Perez In Austria it marked the fifth consecutive event in which the Mexican failed to perform as expected of him being in the leading team of the top category.

The downturn began at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, when Pérez for the first time this season failed to enter Q3 and qualified 11th to finish eighth on Sunday.

He then failed to make it past Q1 at the Monaco and Canadian Grands Prix, where he retired from both races, and finished eighth last Sunday at the Spanish Grand Prix.

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