Kramer on Bellingham: “Sometimes he’s annoying”

Kramer on Bellingham: “Sometimes he’s annoying”
Kramer on Bellingham: “Sometimes he’s annoying”

Jude Bellingham is considered one of the top footballers on the planet – and he’s only 21 years old. The hype could gradually go to his head, or so ZDF expert Christoph Kramer believes.

England’s match winner Jude Bellingham was criticized for his behavior by former German international Christoph Kramer after his dream goal in the European Championship round of 16. “He is of course an outstanding player, he just needs to be careful that he doesn’t start to show off at such a young age. What I always find really bad is when you wave people off in front of your own team-mates. He made a few gestures like that, even in the last few games,” said the ZDF expert on Sunday evening. England had previously won 2-1 after extra time against Slovakia in Gelsenkirchen – thanks in part to Bellingham.

He moved from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid a year ago and won the Champions League with the Royals. “If there is such a thing as too much self-confidence, then he has a bit of that at the moment. Of course, the season he played at such a young age is a bit of a wave. I’ll give him credit for that,” complained Kramer one day after the world-class professional’s 21st birthday. “But you still have to be a bit careful if you’re Jude Bellingham that it doesn’t turn into something really stupid.”

Christoph Kramer hopes that Bellingham will “reflect a bit” after the European Championship

Bellingham has already scored two goals at this European Championship, but he also stands out for his derogatory gestures and extremely passive phases. Both the second group match against Denmark (1:1) and the third against Slovenia (0:0) passed the young star by. “After the tournament in the summer break, I hope that he will reflect a bit. I don’t think I’m the only one who says, wow, sometimes he’s annoying,” said Kramer in Gelsenkirchen. The high stress of a long season is definitely noticeable on the midfield star.

Bellingham was named player of the match after his overhead kick equaliser. “This can be a kickstart for the rest of the tournament. We were under a lot of pressure, we showed character today,” said the professional.

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