Lionel Messi’s former teammate who asked a film director to act in his movie

Lionel Messi’s former teammate who asked a film director to act in his movie
Lionel Messi’s former teammate who asked a film director to act in his movie

Filmmaker Santiago Segura confirmed that the sixth installment of his film “Torrente” is coming and this footballer did not hesitate to apply to accompany the Spanish Policeman in his new adventure.


Film director Santiago Segura He dusted off his film Torrente and, after a decade, will make the sixth adventure of this policeman who captivated all of Spain and a large part of the planet. And at that point it was a former teammate of Lionel Messi in Barcelona who asked the filmmaker to take him into account for this new film.

In the last episode of the season of ‘El Hormiguero’ Segura confirmed that the project is already underway. More than 25 years have passed since ‘Torrente, the stupid arm of the law’, his first filmand the actor and director does not want the last film in the saga to be ‘Torrente: Operación Eurovegas’. His idea is firm, now it remains to be made concrete.

“I’ve been writing the film for two and a half years. I think I’ll be back next year,” he initially commented about the film. “I’ve waited a bit for my daughters to be older when they kick us out of the country,” he joked later. He even allowed himself the luxury of revealing what the title of the next film might be: ‘Torrent, President’.

A former Barcelona player offers himself as a possible actor in ‘Torrente’

It is often the case that Santiago Segura uses his influence to ensure that the veteran police officer’s films are full of celebrities. In the world of football, Torres, Agüero, Casillas, Guti, Arbeloa, Higuaín have participatedamong many others. The next one could be a key piece for Guardiola in the sextuple of the 2008-2009 season.

It is none other than José Manuel Pintoa participant in ‘Invictus’, the new RTVE programme where the archer looked at the camera and made clear his intention to participate in Santiago Segura’s new film: “In the neighborhood they called me ‘Pinto de Niro’, really. If you want ‘Torrente 6’ to succeed, you have to call me”indicated the former Barcelona player.

Pinto’s order

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