Another milestone for Faustino Oro: he beat the world number 2 in chess in 3 minutes

Another milestone for Faustino Oro: he beat the world number 2 in chess in 3 minutes
Another milestone for Faustino Oro: he beat the world number 2 in chess in 3 minutes

Faustino Oro never ceases to surprise the world chess. In a new milestone, the Argentine beat the world number 2 ranked player – the American Hikaru Nakamura – in just 3 minutes, within the framework of an online tournament.

Once the triumph was achieved, Faustino did not hide his joy and celebrated: “We beat Hikaru!”exclaimed the Argentine. The promising chess child ended up in the 8th place among more than 1,600 players in the competition on the “Chess.com” platform.

Faustino’s historic victory

Faustino Oro, the Argentine of only 10 yearssurprised chess fans again. This time, defeated American grandmaster Nakamura during a game in the framework of a tournament called “Arena Kings“.

The competition – which takes place every Wednesday – was held via the Chess.com platform. There, the Argentine faced Nakamura, who is ranked No. 2 in the FIDE world rankingin addition to being one of the most recognized chess streamers in the world.

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The online competition that Faustino played in became, over time, a key event for the world of chess. It provides a platform for the talents of this sport to compete. can be constantly measured.

The tournament was played in a special match format: a 3-minute blitz. This mode of competition establishes a fast game in which There are no time incrementsso the speed and precision in every movement of the players must be at maximum.

Faustino started the match with the white pieces and, after a few minutes of maximum tension, the Argentine managed to beat the American and celebrated with joy. The young chess promise finished the tournament ranked 8th out of over 1,600 players. His final record was 19 wins and only 5 losses.

Faustino’s impressive record

Just a few days ago, Fausti surprised the entire chess world with a historic record. The Argentinean achieved the title of international chess master in his short time. 10 years, 8 months and 16 days old.

After tying against the Chilean master Fernando Valenzuela Gomez, Fausti totaled 6.5 pointsenough for its final position at the forefront of the competition and reach the score required for granting the 3rd and final standard (performance) of international master. In this way Fausti left behind the record that, since 2019, was in the hands of the American Abhimanyu Mishra (USA), who reached the mark at 10 years, 9 months and 3 days.


The Argentine also defeated Maximus Carlsen, ranked 1st in the world, in March 2024.


Fausti’s crowning performance at the tournament in Barcelona, ​​Spain, was his first European triumph. The Argentine had previously achieved his first title in Uruguayduring the U10 Pan American Games, in 2022.

Another issue that further magnifies the achievement of the Argentine child is that the International Chess Federation (FIDE, according to its French acronym), requires – for the homologation of the title – that the players reach an Elo strength (this is what the chess ranking score is called) of more than 2400 points. In the run-up to the tournament in Barcelona, ​​the “Messi of chess“, as it was dubbed by the Spanish press, reached 2416 points. No other chess player achieved this score at such a young age.

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