Formula 1 in Silverstone: Verstappen after criticism: I don’t give a damn

After the Spielberg row, the world champion makes it clear what is important to him. But above all, what does not interest him at all.

The criticism after his momentous maneuver in Spielberg has bounced off Max Verstappen. A few days after the race in Styria, in which he collided with his friend Lando Norris in the battle for the lead, the three-time Formula 1 world champion made it clear what was important to him. “The only thing that mattered after this weekend was my friendship with Lando,” stressed the 26-year-old Red Bull driver in the paddock of the British Grand Prix.

Verstappen and the McLaren driver, who is two years younger, collided last Sunday. The relatively light contact was enough to end the race prematurely for the Briton Norris. Verstappen was given a time penalty by the race management for the incident, but he managed to finish in fifth place and extended his lead in the standings to 81 points. Norris subsequently demanded an apology, among other things, but he backtracked in Silverstone.

Verstappen: “Go home and live my life”

“Lando is a classy guy,” emphasised Verstappen. He is fighting for his possible second Grand Prix victory, while he himself is fighting for his 62nd, said the Dutchman: “It’s clear that the emotions are different.”

That’s why he let things cool down for a while, explained Verstappen. Norris had previously said that they had already spoken on both Monday and Wednesday. He did not give any details. It will now be “business as usual,” said Norris.

Verstappen also commented on the criticism of his driving style after the incident at the Austrian Grand Prix. “I don’t give a damn about that. I’m going home and living my life,” he said.

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