Toni Kroos: “Our dream has been shattered to some extent”

Toni Kroos: “Our dream has been shattered to some extent”
Toni Kroos: “Our dream has been shattered to some extent”

It was an end that Toni Kroos did not want. The international player’s career ended dramatically in the European Championship quarter-finals. After the match, he had words of praise.

It all comes down to a penalty shootout in the European Championship quarter-finals when, in the 119th minute, another cross sails into the German penalty area. Mikel Merino is criminally unmarked and heads in the winning goal for Spain, making it 2-1. Germany is out of the European Championship at home and Toni Kroos’ successful career comes to an abrupt end. “We all had a big goal, but that dream has now been shattered to some extent,” said a disappointed Kroos on the microphone of “Magenta TV” after the game. It will take a few days for him and the team to realise that they had played a good tournament. “It was a tournament in which we gave everything. We were close, but it’s bitter.”

Kroos found consolation above all in the knowledge that the team and the fans have grown closer together again. Just a year ago, after a 1:4 defeat against Japan, the ties between the two sides seemed to have been severed for good, but at the European Championships and the DFB team’s five games, fans and team found each other again. “In football Germany, we have hope and the ambition to get better again. I am convinced that the team can do it,” explained the 34-year-old. Faith has returned to the team.

Toni Kroos’ bitter career end

The German playmaker did not want to comment much on the fact that the team was eliminated at the European Championships against his adopted home of Spain, where Kroos played for Real Madrid for the past ten years. “That’s not really relevant here. But we actually wanted to stay in the tournament a little longer,” said Kroos, but then let his disappointment show.

National coach Julian Nagelsmann had nothing but praise for the returnee to the national team, who is now retiring after 114 international matches. “We only had good conversations and Toni is an extraordinary person.” He was convinced from the start that Kroos could help the team. Nagelsmann “Toni Kroos is a role model for many.”

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