Nation invests $ 185 million in sports beaches

In addition, Zabaleta toured the works of the Early Childhood Area (EPI) that is being developed in the municipality together with the secretary of Articulation of Social Policy, Gustavo Aguilera, and the secretary of Social Development of the municipality, Mariana Galván.

“We are happy to visit this work where an Early Childhood Space is going to operate for boys and girls from 45 days to 4 years old; we are convinced that a present State is inclusion and equality for the boys and girls of General Rodríguez and all of the country”Zabaleta said in a statement.

Within the framework of the Better Neighborhood Program, aimed at promoting “social reunion and recreation of the community”, the construction of beaches aims to “generate employment of intensive labor and motorize the domestic market with an investment of 5 billion pesos”explained the Ministry.

“The multisport beaches are part of our inclusion and work policy”Zabaleta said in a statement.

In addition, the minister stated that “the more than 400 sports courts will mobilize the domestic market and will be a space for the community to meet and for recreation.”

The agreement also provides for the construction of pedestrian paths, landscaping and gym stations, so that “families as a whole have at their disposal public spaces in the open air for reunion and community development,” the Ministry explained.

The agreement, which will be executed through the Secretariat for the Articulation of Social Policy in charge of the vice minister Gustavo Aguilera placeholder image, will make an investment of more than 185 million pesos, which will be delivered in three installments.

“In each one of them the works of five beaches will be carried out,” Social Development specified.

The “Best Neighborhood” program is destined to the construction of 400 beach areas throughout the country, which will occupy an area of ​​19 by 32 meters and will have a perimeter fence, lighting, soccer and basketball goals.

The plan is intended to promote social reunion, community recreation and, in turn, seeks to generate intensive labor employment and drive the domestic market with a global investment of 5,000 million pesos, it was officially indicated.

For his part, Mayor García highlighted the importance of the work that the EPI will launch next March and stressed the fundamental role of education and sports for inclusion.

“We are very grateful not only for this but also for the signing of the new 15 beach agreements that also allows us to expand our policy that has to do with our proposal to expand the sport, expand the recreational activities of our city,” he said.

Source From: Ambito

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