Formula 1: A victory for the soul of “King Lewis”

Formula 1: A victory for the soul of “King Lewis”
Formula 1: A victory for the soul of “King Lewis”

Fans haven’t seen such an emotional Lewis Hamilton for a long time. Sebastian Vettel also congratulated the Brit. The fact that he will be driving for Ferrari from 2025 gives his comeback to victory a special touch.

Lewis Hamilton will never experience this day again. The English football anthem “Sweet Caroline” blared from the Brit’s pit and his entire family celebrated with him. The now 39-year-old Formula 1 superstar has rarely been so moved, so touched, so emotional. “I can’t stop crying,” he said.

In the arms of his Mercedes family, in the arms of his loved ones, in the hearts of his fans: The 104th victory of his career was for the seven-time world champion “one of the most important ever. I’ve had such great moments in my career, but in the last two and a half years I haven’t even come close to a victory.” It was exactly 945 days without a Grand Prix victory.

“It’s the summer fairytale in Formula 1,” wrote the Swiss tabloid “Blick.” Homages everywhere. “The King. Lewis returns to his homeland as a jubilant king,” wrote “La Repubblica” from Italy. “Hamilton is reborn with a thunderous triumph in Silverstone,” said Spain’s “El País.”

Especially since it is another record in Hamilton’s already long list of superlatives: no other driver has won on the same track nine times.

A bit of mockery from the Netherlands

“Who would have thought? That Lewis Hamilton would win again, in a Mercedes,” wrote “AD” from the Netherlands, the home of Max Verstappen, who came second this time. The Formula 1 duel was a kind of prelude to the European Championship semi-final this Wednesday between the Netherlands and England.

Hamilton watched the “Three Lions” advance to the round of the best four at the European Football Championship together with the fans at the Silverstone Circuit and cheered with them on Saturday evening when they won the penalty shootout.

Less than 24 hours later, he was the one who, in the most spectacular and best race of the season so far, sent his fellow countrymen into a frenzy of joy at the Home of British Motor Racing, had himself carried on their shoulders – and even received a lot of praise and recognition from the camp of his fiercest rival.

“Here you could see his strength and greatness again,” said Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, referring in particular to Hamilton’s tire management in the difficult and changing conditions: “This shows what routine and speed he still has.”

Vettel’s congratulations to Hamilton

The reward was the golden trophy, which he had watched with admiration on TV as a little boy. The reward was great emotion. “The victories aren’t really the story. It’s more about the fact that he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone,” said Hamilton’s father Anthony.

“That was really honest,” said Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, commenting on the Silver Arrows’ second consecutive victory – a week earlier, teammate George Russell had benefited from Verstappen’s collision with Lando Norris’ McLaren in the battle for first place.

But it is clear that after the very difficult years of 2022 and 2023, Mercedes has turned things around with the car this season. Depending on the conditions, the W15 is a winning car – and Hamilton simply remains a winning driver. “You have to respect the legends and never bury them,” reminded France’s sports newspaper “L’Equipe”.

A former rival also got in touch. Sebastian Vettel congratulated him via Instagram Story. “Goat,” wrote the four-time world champion on a photo that showed Hamilton cheering with the Union Jack – GOAT is the English abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time.”

When will Hamilton celebrate with Ferrari?

Vettel once drove where Hamilton will be behind the wheel from next year. That is also what makes this season and especially this victory so special for Hamilton, who has been driving for Mercedes since 2013. He will of course remain British, even if he changes. But Hamilton will wear red and what Silverstone is for the British, Imola and Monza are for the Italians.

Hamilton wants to achieve with Ferrari what Vettel also wanted, but the now 37-year-old failed to achieve after his four titles with Red Bull in six years at Ferrari: becoming world champion.

And now, in contrast to Mercedes, the Scuderia’s trend is also downward. Carlos Sainz finished fifth in Silverstone, Charles Leclerc only 14th. It remains to be seen when Hamilton will experience a day like this as a Ferrari driver.

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