He was the author of the goal that left Argentina without a cup in the Italy ’90 World Cup and ended up cleaning bathrooms

Andreas Brehme, Germany’s hero at the 1990 World Cup in Italy, has gone from football glory to cleaning toilets since his retirement.


The legends They have their place in the history books of football and Andreas Brehmewas a key figure in this sport. In the Italy ’90 World Cuphis decisive goal against Argentina secured victory for Germanymarking a milestone in the history of football. But the life of the former defender was not as beautiful after his retirement.

Despite his glory on the field, Brehme faced significant financial challenges after retirement. His personal and professional struggle highlights the difficulties many athletes face when leaving sport.

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Andreas Brehme, the German footballer who beat Argentina in the World Cup in Italy

Andreas Brehme, the German footballer who beat Argentina in the World Cup in Italy

Who was Andreas Brehme, the German footballer who beat Argentina in the World Cup in Italy?

This football legend, remembered for his skill and precision On the field, he was one of the stars of the Inter de Milan in his golden age. He reached the peak of his career in the Italy ’90 World CupIt was he who, with nerves of steel, converted the penalty that gave Germany its third world title, beating Diego Maradona’s Argentina.

During his career he showed his combative play in teams such as Kaiserslautern and Bayern Munich. His powerful shots and skill with his two feet made him a top-class defender that all children wanted to imitate. But, His post-retirement life was not as brilliant as his sporting career.

Brehme faced serious financial difficulties After his retirement, he offered himself for jobs such as bathroom cleanings to get ahead.

Following the widespread coverage of the former player’s problem, the Professional Footballers’ Union explained: “We try to teach footballers to avoid situations where they don’t know how to make money away from the playing field. Our advice is very clear: you have to have a plan B, learn another profession…”

What did Andreas Brehme die of?

Andreas Brehme passed away at the age of 63 years old due to a heart attackHis death has left a void in the world of football and among those who admired him.

The former footballer spent his last years Struggling with economic problems which led him to extreme situations. Despite attempts by friends and colleagues to help him, his death highlights the importance of financial planning and support for retired athletes. Brehme’s death has sparked a wave of reflection on how sports stars can better prepare for life after retirement.

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