Tesla: IG Metall concerned about working conditions in Grünheide

Tesla: IG Metall concerned about working conditions in Grünheide

In the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide, there is dissatisfaction among the employees. It’s about frequent overtime, a very high workload overall and not enough staff. A job advertisement in an investigative role also causes concern.

IG Metall is concerned about working conditions at the German Tesla plant. Employees reported to the union that they were dissatisfied with the stressful shift systems, frequent overtime at weekends, a very high overall workload and too few staff, said Irene Schulz, district manager of IG Metall for Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony, on Thursday in Berlin. The employees also said that it was sometimes too hot in the production halls in summer and too cold in winter.

All in all, the company is not doing enough to improve working conditions and offers too little space and time for family, leisure and recreation. “According to our observation, there is also a lack of a management culture that promotes an open debate in the company about such concerns of the employees.”

The employees have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the employment contract, which is also referred to again and again in everyday company life. The employees are unsure whether they are even allowed to talk to the union about the employment contracts. “We don’t know from other companies that such questions are asked in this form and with such frequency,” said Schulz.

Tesla: investigator position causes uncertainty

The district manager of the union also reported on a job advertisement for a security intelligence investigator, which caused many questions in the company. “You will conduct both proactive and reactive investigations and actively address internal and external threats to Tesla’s proprietary and confidential information,” the company’s job posting reads. Among other things, “several years of experience as an investigator with international/national law enforcement agencies or intelligence services and/or equivalent time in a security environment of a company” is expected.

Due to a lack of transparency in the company, many employees are now asking themselves what exactly the content of these investigations is supposed to be – and whether they themselves might come into focus, said Schulz. When asked, Tesla initially did not comment on the allegations.

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