They reveal the “million-dollar business” with the safety cars of Formula 1

They reveal the “million-dollar business” with the safety cars of Formula 1

the sale of security cars employees during careers Formula 1 It is one of the most lucrative businesses in the highest category, as revealed.

By case, Aston Martin entered for about US$80 million thanks to the safety cars of the highest category, as confided by the CEO of the company, Lawrence Stroll.


The executive even specified that they were sold between 300 and 400 cars of the edition Vantage F1which is used to guide the pilots during the races.

The equation arises from the fact that each unit has a price close to the u$s200 thousandso that the company could have generated income for between US$60 and 80 million.

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“It may sound like a low number, but for a company of our size it is relatively important,” he said. Stroll at the convention future of the carorganized by the Financial Times.

Stroll has a majority shareholding Aston Martin since 2020, after investing US$236 millionand his son runs on his team Throw and the former world champion, the Spanish Fernando Alonso.

About the aforementioned business, Stroll he graphed: “There is an expression in which I usually did not believe: ‘Race on Sunday and sell (cars) on Monday’. But it is what we are living in the company”.

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The history of safety cars

The pace car was first used almost half a century ago, the September 23, 1973at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

The reason was that the category was experiencing a string of accidents due to bad weather, so the International Automobile Federation (FIA) considered it opportune to have an additional tool.

Egbert Wietzes drove the first safety car, a Porsche 914 yellow, but the experience was negative, since it did not meet its objective and was about to spoil the competition.

Wietzes he made a mistake entering the track: he positioned himself in front of a driver who was not the leader, and other drivers saw their classification changed by losing a lap.

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