29 dead in Gaza bombings

29 dead in Gaza bombings

The “Shield and Arrow” operation, which began last Tuesday, once again confronts Israel and the Gaza army.


A new war escalation between Israel and the gaza armyterritory controlled by the Hamas Islamist movementleft a balance of 29 dead (including Palestinian women and children) and more than 86 woundedas reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that the Islamic Jihad (YIP) launched in a little less than two days a total of 803 missiles into Israeli territory, of which 152 failed to cross the Gaza Strip. Likewise, Israeli air defense systems intercepted 179 projectiles.


Bombings in Gaza.


The exchange of fire began on Tuesday, in the midst of a new operation by the Israeli Army, called “shield and arrow“. It consisted of a series of bombardments against the YIP, since, after the assassination of three of its leadersseek to dismantle the capabilities of the group.

He rocket fire from the Gaza Strip was constant throughout Thursday, causing extensive material damage and destruction in various parts of southern Israel, especially in the cities of sderot and Ashkelonnext to the separation fence.

Meanwhile, Egyptmediator between both parties, works to achieve a ceasefire. Mohamed Al Hindihead of the political department of Islamic Jihad, arrived in Cairo on Thursday for a meeting to achieve a truce between Israel and Gaza’s armed militias.

Communiqué from Argentina

The Argentine Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the military operation deployed by the Israeli Air Force in the Gaza Strip, which “resulted in the death of Palestinian civilians, including women and children, and numerous injuries.”

Faced with this, the Embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires He came out to criticize the message, and they assured that: “It does not express the very good ties of mutual understanding that characterize the strong bilateral bond for 75 years.”

The Israeli statement argues that that country have the right to defend themselves against terrorist attacks and affirms that it will continue to do so as up to now. “No democracy in the world would allow the firing of missiles against its cities and inhabitants to pass in silence…Israel will continue to defend its citizens from all terrorist actions,” they said.

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