Cars: the Government wants a ceiling for price increases (in exchange, it would free imports)

Cars: the Government wants a ceiling for price increases (in exchange, it would free imports)

In the middle of the inflationary escalationhe Government is negotiating with automotive put a cap to the rise in prices of 0 km in September. In return, he would start releasefrom next week, the permits to import vehicles what are they suspended since more than 60 days.

For this reason, from Friday, the car dealerships are operating with provisional lists that have increases of up to 20%although these adjustments are subject to the agreement between the terminals and the Ministry of Economy.



the minister Sergio Massa wants to add this sector to the scheme of “fair prices”. The proposal was presented to each company and each one will evaluate whether or not to enter this program. The idea, as far as he could know Scopeis that this agreement governs between September and Novemberand the companies present the models that would enter into the agreement.

Some sources indicated that it could be a cap of 5% monthly increase and that reaches the national models. In any case, the data on the percentage to be increased could not be confirmed by other sources.

These were the negotiating axes of the last 48 hours between the companies and the Government. Terminals that accept this proposal would have the benefit of having SIRA approvals to be able to import vehicles.

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For these two months without authorizations, the August market had greater shortage and it was found in the low of the patents. All this occurs while the publication of the adjustment of the tax base of the “luxury” tax.

The automakers hoped to spread last Friday the new price lists for 0km with the increases commensurate with the devaluation of the peso ordered by the Government after the PASSED. For that, they were waiting for the update of the tax base of the Internal Tax which was to take effect from the beginning of September. This adjustment, based on the sector’s wholesale price index, is applied quarterly and, in this case, it will be 24%. In this way, for the price to the public, the models of more than $10,500,000.

Until Thursday they paid the 0km from around $8,400,000. For this reason, there are numerous models that are “capped” under that price for not pay internal tax.




Despite the claim of the automakers, as anticipated by Ámbitothe resolution of the AFIP to make official the new tax base. Typically, it is published three to four days from the effective date.

From the automotive confirmed to Ámbito what are they claiming for the resolution that defines the tax scheme for the next three months. Meanwhile, from the AFIP informed automakers that the delay is due to technical issues. Consulted some companies, they ruled out that the non-publication of the resolution is related to whether or not they accept the price agreement proposed by the Government.

The increase in the tax base is key since it will allow adjust prices and accommodate the value of 0km that today are distorted so as not to pay taxes. Some brands have already adjusted prices in the middle of the month, to accommodate the devaluation, but others will do so starting this Friday.



In the imported models had an additional adjustment post PASSED from around 7%. Instead, the national modelsespecially the pickup, they were not adjusted.

From a terminal, they communicated to their network of concessionaires that national models would have an increase of 13%although can not be effective because the official list is waiting for the resolution of the problem. While the prices of the models that are imported from Brazil They would meet next week. In the communication they detail that this is because “Negotiations with the government continue”.

From another brand, they confirmed that they have a tentative list you received on Friday, but you are waiting for confirmation by the terminal. Meanwhile, cannot invoice units.

Source: Ambito

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