Car license plates in Germany – these license plates are prohibited

Car license plates in Germany – these license plates are prohibited

Watch the video: No “MO-RD” in Moers – these license plates are banned in Germany.

Regardless of whether it is “SE-XY”, “PIR-AT” or “V-IP” – some drivers want to make a statement with their license plate.

But according to Section 8 Paragraph 1 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance, the sequence of letters and numbers on license plates must not “violate common decency”.

This means: Nationwide, license plate manufacturers are not allowed to print KZ, SA, SS and HJ.

Combinations such as “HH 88” for “Heil Hitler” or “AH 18” for “Adolf Hitler” are also prohibited.

However, the federal states are responsible for interpreting the regulation.

In Hamburg, for example, all license plates begin with HH. However, this stands for “Hanseatic City of Hamburg” and has nothing to do with National Socialism.

The “HEI-L” license plate is not issued in the Dithmarschen (Heide) district.
In Moers they do not use the “MO-RD” combination.

And there is no “BUL-LE” in Burglengenfeld.

Because the Itzehoe district has the abbreviation “IZ”, the combination “IZ-AN” (backward for Nazi) is viewed critically in Schleswig-Holstein.

In the Saale district in Saxony-Anhalt, the combination “SK-IN” for “skinhead” is forbidden.

In Bavaria, the number “28” is not used in combination with the letters “AH” and “HH”. It stands for the banned organization “Blood & Honor”.

However, the employees of the Bavarian registration authorities are instructed to take a close look at the applicant and then decide whether they represent right-wing views or not. If not, the driver can even have “AH” or “HH” on his license plate.

In addition, the license plate combinations “N-PD” and “N-SU” are prohibited in Nuremberg. They can be interpreted as the “National Democratic Party of Germany” and the “National Socialist Underground”.

Source: Stern

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