Farewell to “Dahoam is Dahoam”: These actors have already left

Farewell to “Dahoam is Dahoam”: These actors have already left

With Horst Kummeth’s farewell, Lansing loses its pharmacist – not the first big farewell of a series star on “Dahoam is Dahoam”.

Fans of the series “Dahoam is Dahoam” (since 2007, Monday to Thursday, 7:30 p.m., BR television) have to say goodbye to a true Lansinger veteran. In this Wednesday’s episode (March 20th), pharmacist Roland Bamberger leaves the fictional village. Actor Horst Kummeth (67) announced his exit in advance and finished filming in December 2023. He had previously said goodbye to the audience. He has played his role in the popular early evening series since filming began almost 17 years ago. “I said the first sentence back then,” he recalled in his post.

In November 2023, BR began showing from the beginning again. The fans were able to see for themselves what the first sentence was and who said it. Anyone who follows the old episodes will also notice how different Lansing was back then. Many beloved residents have already left the village. What are the actors and actresses doing today?

These early stars are already gone

In the very first episode, which first aired on BR on October 8, 2007, Annalena Brunner and her daughter Saskia return to Lansing. Heidrun Gärtner (58) has remained true to her role as Annalena to this day.

Joyce Ilg (40), who played Annalena’s daughter for two years, left the series in 2009. In addition to various roles in series and films, Ilg has since put a lot of work into her YouTube channel, which has around 1.7 million subscribers. She can also be seen again and again in television shows such as “Do you understand fun?” or in “Luke! The Week and Me” by comedian Luke Mockridge (34).

After Lansing, Ilg occasionally returned for guest appearances. She was last seen in the series in 2020 when Saskia’s serial parents Annalena and Mike Preissinger (Harry Blank, 55) got married.

This love story came about after Mike’s first wife Trixi died. Actress Doreen Dietel (49) left the series in 2017 after ten years. Not entirely voluntarily, as she revealed in the jungle camp in 2019. Since leaving “Dahoam is Dahoam” she has appeared in other reality shows, such as “Celebrity Separated – The Villa of the Ex-Ones” (2020) and “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” (2019).

These Brunners left Lansing

If you compare the cast of the first season with the current cast, it is noticeable that it is mainly members of the Brunner family who are drawn to the distance.

Michael A. Grimm (54) gave up his role as Max Brunner after two years in 2009. In the series, the butcher left the Bavarian village of Lansing to move to the American town of Lansing, Michigan. In real life, Grimm is a busy actor. Since leaving “Dahoam is Dahoam” he has appeared in numerous other series and films. Among other things, he had roles in the miniseries “Oktoberfest 1900” (2020) and “Alles finster” (2022) as well as in the Eberhofer crime film adaptation “Guglhupfgeschwader” (2022). In 2019 he returned to “Dahoam is Dahoam” for a few episodes.

Grimm’s serial son Florian Brunner is also one of the Lansinger veterans. Since the first episode, Tommy Schwimmer (35) played the car-loving Brunner-Buam before leaving the series in 2022. “Unfortunately there couldn’t be a big farewell party,” he told spot on news in his farewell interview. But in the last few weeks he has bought cakes, hosted a white sausage breakfast and said goodbye to everyone. “On my last day of filming, there was a small celebration for the four of us at Harry’s [Blank, Red.] at home around the campfire. Because of Corona, more was simply not responsible and was not allowed,” he remembered. Since then, Schwimmer has had a few series appearances, most recently in “Die Chefin” (2024).

His serial brother Ludwig Brunner, played by Martin Wenzl (39), left Lansing in 2012 with his wife Caro, played by Teresa Rizos (37). Both are repeatedly in front of the camera for guest appearances on “Dahoam is Dahoam”. Wenzl returned to his role for several episodes in 2022. Rizos was last in Lansing as Caro in 2019. The 37-year-old not only appeared in front of the camera for several series such as “Servus Baby” (2018 to 2022), but also appeared on cabaret stages.

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