Citroën launched the new C3 Aircross with 5 and 7 passenger versions

Citroën launched the new C3 Aircross with 5 and 7 passenger versions

The complete package of innovations New C3 Aircross SUV It is packed with the unique accessibility that Citroën offers, without sacrificing the brand’s style, reinforced by its motto: For everyone, like no one. And that means offering a product desired by the customer, without compromising its accessibility.

This is why the New C3 Aircross SUV will reach the dealer network with a range as versatile as it is: there are three versions, and two of them will have the option of seven seats, adjusting to different types of customers.


The model’s design is dominated by a prominent bumper with gloss black painted details that contrast with the five available colors: Black Perla Nera, Artense Grey, Graphite Grey, Banquise White and the striking Ruby Red. As with all Citroëns, the two-tone bodywork will also be available.

The LED daytime running lights (DRL) connect to the chrome lines of the central grille, merging with Citroën’s iconic Double Chevron. It has wheels up to 17 inches and the largest trunk in its segment: 493 liters of volume

A Turbo 200 engine equips the top-of-the-range versions with 120 HP and 200 Nm of torque. It is associated with a seven-speed CVT automatic transmission and three driving modes.


Its exclusive suspension was calibrated to contain the most diverse imperfections and potholes in the region without the body leaning during cornering, acceleration or braking. All this in a modern cabin, with a structure made up of 65% high and ultra-high resistance steels.

And thanks to the wide entry angles (23.8°), departure angles (32°) and ground clearance (233 mm), the New C3 Aircross SUV is capable of traversing the most diverse types of surfaces and obstacles, in and out. out of the city.

The New C3 Aircross SUV is built on the CMP platform and is produced in Porto Real, Brazil. The 2.67 meter wheelbase of the SUV guarantees comfort equivalent to that of models in higher segments under the Citroën Advanced Comfort concept. The air conditioning, for example, has a reinforced compressor and a heat exchanger designed to guarantee the best climate in the cabin regardless of the heat (or cold) outside.

The entire interior of the New C3 Aircross SUV has been designed for the comfort of its occupants: from the armrest for the driver, to the large rear doors with more than 62 cm of free light, availability of up to 15 storage compartments distributed throughout the interior. cabin and reaching, of course, access to the third row.

Favored by the wide rear doors, children and others can quickly sit in the third row, and after a quick and safe repositioning of the second row, everyone will be ready to enjoy the ride.

Using a simple actuation mechanism, it is possible to release each of the two rear seats and remove them completely from the vehicle. Lightweight (each seat weighs just over 8 kg), they can be transported quickly and thus quickly expand the volume of the trunk.

The New C3 Aircross SUV brings together different technologies and solutions so that its occupants always have the best experience. Starting with the new 7-inch TFT digital instrument panel: fully customizable, it offers six screen configurations and two color options so that the driver can choose only what they want to see, with the push of a button on the steering wheel.

In it, the driver can follow different parameters of the vehicle and has the exclusive Ecodriving. This system analyzes the way the vehicle is driven to indicate whether the New C3 Aircross SUV is offering maximum efficiency. The well-known and praised CITROËN CONNECT 10″ touch screen with Android Auto and wireless Apple Carplay brings together ease of use, speed of operation and a large screen, with up to five USB connections, in the first, second and third row of seats in the case of the seven seats. Easy to operate, it can be controlled both with the 10-inch touch screen and with the buttons located on the multifunction steering wheel.

Financing, through PSA Finance, offers a 0% rate for 12 months with a maximum amount of up to $5,000,000.

Citroën Plan: Started a few weeks ago, the marketing of the New C3 Aircross SUV continues through the Savings Plan channel, with the most accessible quota in the segment. The savings version chosen is Feel Pack with a 115 HP VTi engine associated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. It is an 84-month plan with a 60/40 modality with agreed allocation in installment 6 with the contribution of an extraordinary rate (40%). The value of the subscription fee No. 1 in force in May is AR $190,423, being the plan with the lowest subscription fee within the B-SUV segment.

Insurance: the brand has the most affordable coverage in the B-SUV segment, with discounts of up to 50% and exclusive promotions with La Caja, La Segunda and San Cristóbal through Stellantis Insurance.

Replacement Parts: The replacement parts basket is 16% more accessible than the average for the B-SUV segment.

Citroën Flex Care: a service program designed for each of the customers of the New C3 Aircross SUV, which offers an Early Scheduled Maintenance plan with plans ranging from 2 to 6 revisions, and an Extended Warranty for the engine, clutch and gearbox ranging from 12 or 24 additional months.

Citizen Program: It is a global brand services program that was created to accompany the customer from the process of choosing, purchasing and using our products. Citroën provides greater transparency, agility and practicality so that you have peace of mind in your daily life.

The New C3 Aircross SUV goes on sale in Argentina with the following prices in pesos and VAT included:

C3 AIRCROSS VTi LIVE: AR$ 21,500,000

C3 AIRCROSS VTi FEEL PK: AR$ 23,600,000

C3 AIRCROSS VTi FEEL 7 Seats: AR$ 25,000,000

C3 AIRCROSS T200 SHINE: AR$ 27,950,000

C3 AIRCROSS T200 SHINE Bi-tone: AR$ 28,100,000

C3 AIRCROSS T200 SHINE 7 Seaters: AR$ 29,350,000

C3 AIRCROSS T200 SHINE 7 Seaters Bi-tone: AR$ 29,500,000

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