Nina Chuba: Seven things you should know about the singer

Nina Chuba: Seven things you should know about the singer

If you think that Nina Chuba only became known thanks to her summer hit “Wildberry Lillet”, you are very much mistaken. These seven facts about the singer are relatively unknown.

Her career is on the rise and she has just returned with fresh music. Nina Chuba is one of the most famous stars in Germany. But her CV contains some points that not everyone may know.

Child star
Nina Chuba’s real name is Nina Katrin Kaiser and was born on October 14, 1998 in Wedel near Hamburg. However, her career in showbiz did not begin with “Wildberry Lillet”, but much earlier. At the age of eight she was already in front of the camera for the children’s series “Die Pfefferkörner”. At the age of twelve she discovered her talent for singing and became part of the band “Blizz”, with whom she sang on stage for the first time.

Burnout at nine years old
The child star career as part of the “Peppercorns” didn’t last long. Chuba himself spoke in an interview with the youth magazine “Bravo” about a burnout as a child: “I had a burnout when I was nine! I had no strength left. (…) My mom then said, we won’t do that anymore keep it up.” School and an acting career together were too much for the little girl. In addition, Chuba said she was bullied at school because of her acting career. She tells “Bravo” that she didn’t have anyone in elementary school for a long time and only later understood that it was the children’s envy.

Chuba’s styling
Nina Chuba’s style is striking, sometimes provocative and is intended to be reminiscent of the 90s, especially on stage. “I put on some clothes and dress up as Nina Chuba, and then I go on stage,” she told “Zeit” in an interview. In her private life she would then go back to Nina Kaiser – and she would keep her clothes more discreet, says Chuba.

Nina Chuba says she has impostor syndrome

Power woman
The singer doesn’t just sing cool lyrics. She also speaks openly in interviews about the disadvantages faced by women in the showbiz industry. For example, she told the news portal “T-Online”: “I used to think that I had no disadvantages as a woman. But that’s not true. My success is often denied. I’m questioned or laughed at more. Another label boss praises mine Label boss and says: “You shaped Nina really well, but I did it myself, I wasn’t shaped!”. Nina Chuba is annoyed that she is often underestimated in the industry: “Because I have done so much for it that it is no longer necessary to underestimate myself.” But Nina Chuba also says that she suffers from impostor syndrome. Those affected believe that they are not entitled to their respective success.

Chuba’s wish for the future
In her songs she sings about the jet set life: “I want real estate, I want dollars,…”, but privately the German singer likes it more discreet. She should dream of her own family, a property by the lake, chickens and rabbits. It is not known whether Nina Chuba currently has a boyfriend. She largely keeps her private life out of the public eye.

Nina Chuba and the European Championships
During an appearance on May 15th in her hometown of Hamburg, Nina Chuba confirmed that Bayer 04 Leverkusen soccer player Florian Wirtz will be part of the German national team’s European Championship squad. She announced this live on stage and then had a video statement from the player appear on the screen. The DFB is announcing the players in unusual ways this year. Celebrities, TV shows and Instagram stars are involved.

English flop, German top
Nina Chuba released her first EP in 2020. At that time, however, she still sang in English. But she didn’t make the breakthrough, so in October 2021 she tried something new and released the German song “Neben Mir”. That went better than the English attempts. But the singer’s concept only really took off after she had established herself on social networks with her hit. A tip that, according to the “Bild” newspaper, her management gave her and which she was initially not at all enthusiastic about.

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