Toyota launches savings plan for used vehicles with warranty

Toyota launches savings plan for used vehicles with warranty

Toyota Plan works as a flexible plan that will allow interested parties to choose, at the time of award, between removing a 0 KM vehicle or a Certified Used Toyota -up to 4 years old- with official guarantee and the brand endorsement.

Which clients can apply to the Flex Plan

First, the profile “first car“, addressed to those who do not yet have a vehicle and now they can subscribe with a lower fee, with the option to choose between a 0km or a Certified Used Toyota.

Second, customers looking for Financing alternatives for 0km or used vehicles, who value the tranquility and support of the brand. Finally, profiles that are already users and they need to finance their next unit.


The brand offers options for its Corolla model, as well as the Yaris, Corolla Cross, and Hilux.


“We believe that this new commercial option will be great help to continue bringing the dream of owning a Toyota closer to more and more people“, said Daniel Herrero, president of Toyota Plan. “Our mission is to make the experience of purchasing a vehicle from the brand accessible to more and more people, and we are convinced that this initiative will be an important step in that direction,” he added.

To subscribe to any brand savings plan, people can go to any official dealer in all provinces or subscribe from home through the website www.toyotaplan.com.ar.

What other plans can be requested?

In addition to the new Flex Plan, the brand offers options for your Yaris, Corolla, Corolla Cross, and Hilux models in 100% mode, where the entire vehicle is financed through subscription. Reduced fee 70/30 or 60/40 modalities are also available.

Certified Used are brand vehicles that are less than 8 years old or less than 200,000 kilometers (vehicles that apply for the Flex Plan may be up to 4 years old).

The vehicles also stand out for its statesince to be certified they must pass a 150-point checklist of mechanical and aesthetic inspectionsin addition to having the official services and up-to-date documentation. The warranty is additional to any current manufacturing warranty: it begins to take effect from the moment the first one expires.

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