BMW renewed its GS family and launched its new line of motorcycles with more equipment

BMW renewed its GS family and launched its new line of motorcycles with more equipment

bmw presented its new three models of motorcycles that contain more standard equipment, new engine and different concepts.

Having passed weeks after the launch of the BMW R 1300GSthe renewal of the GS range continues in the medium segment with the arrival of the BMW F 900 GS, BMW F 900 GS Adventure and BMW F 800 GS twin cylinders, models that also present a significant update and now offer, among other things, a new engine, a higher level of standard equipment and renewed proposals.

With a more sporty and off-road-oriented profile, the new BMW F 900 GS It presents several changes and marks a new chapter for the brand regarding off-road performance, thanks to a reduction of 14 kilos and off-road capabilities. Additionally, it offers a larger tank variant and extended range.


BMW presented the renewal of the GS range

Finally, the new BMW F 800 GSwith its enduro touring essence, is the ideal option for BMW Motorrad for those riders who want to make the jump above 500 cc.

“This is the year of the GS and it means a very complete renewal of the Adventure segment in Argentina, with three models that aim at different use profiles without abandoning versatility. The new range covers a wide spectrum that encompasses both the brand’s traditional customers and new users who will discover the BMW world for the first time,” he states regarding the launch. Gabriel Costa, head of BMW Motorrad Argentina.

BMW presented its new motorcycles: in-line twin-cylinder engine, with greater power and acceleration

In these three new products, the architecture of the advanced two-cylinder inline impeller (previously debuted in the BMW F 850 ​​GS) It provides better performance, mainly due to the increase in capacity to 895 cc. (previously, 853 cc.). In its version included in the BMW F 900 GS and BMW F 900 GS Adventure the engine delivers 105 HP, while in the configuration of the BMW F 800 GS offers 87 HP. But beyond this significant increase in power (10 HP in each model), the new engine is also characterized by a more vigorous torque curve (with 93 and 91 Nm of maximum torque, respectively) that favors recovery and acceleration. .

BMW F 900 GS – A redesign that involves new dimensions, weight reduction and rethought ergonomics to improve off the asphalt

With a greater approach to off-road, the BMW F 900 GS It was rethought with the aim of achieving a better weight and achieving a cycling style more in line with enduro. In this way, the new 14.5 liter plastic fuel tank is one of the great novelties, saving 4.5 kilos compared to the steel tank of the previous model and generating a slimmer and ergonomically more favorable design, with just half a liter less of capacity compared to its predecessor.

The new rear section – which was also completely redesigned to be narrower – reduced its weight by 2.4 kilos compared to its previous evolution and also notably reflects the sportiness and off-road qualities of the new F 900 GS. In line with these features, the riding position was also optimized for off-road driving thanks to a higher handlebar position, a higher rear brake lever and enduro pedals that help when riding standing on rough terrain. For its part, the Akrapovi silencer (included as standard equipment) provides an extra reduction of 1.7 kilos.

Furthermore, on the front of this model and on the BMW F 900 GS Adventure, The front wheel is now commanded by new, fully adjustable, inverted telescopic forks from the Showa brand.

Extensive safety and comfort equipment throughout the range

The new GS F-series models include driver assistance as standard. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and ABS Pro optimized for cornering, in addition to the dynamic brake light with flash for sudden braking and tire pressure monitoring. Other notable points of the standard equipment for all variants are, for example, the 6.5” TFT screen with connectivity (a great plus point especially for the BMW F 800 GSwhich previously had an analog screen), LED headlights with daytime running lights, heated grips (with protectors) and the 12V/USB plug.


The new GS F-series models come standard with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) assists and cornering-optimized ABS Pro

The new GS F-series models come standard with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) assists and cornering-optimized ABS Pro

For the Argentine market, in addition, the PRO shift assistant and PRO driving modes are also part of the standard equipment. The latter are added to the traditional “Rain” and “Road” so that the dynamic qualities of these products can be used even more.

Versions, prices and options

The new one BMW F 800 GS It is offered locally with alloy wheels, center stand and includes the equipment of the Comfort and Dynamic packages, that is, approach key, cruise control, luggage support, M Endurance chain and Dynamic ESA, the classic electronic and adaptive suspension from BMW Motorrad. With three color options (Light White, Racing Blue and Black Storm), this model is sold with a price starting at USD 32,900.

For its part, the BMW F 900 GS It has spoked wheels and also adds a 12 mm multifunction support. to place sports cameras, navigators or other devices. Optionally, it can be requested with off-road covers, a high windshield and/or Enduro Pro Package, which in our country includes Sport Suspension and handlebar risers. It is offered in three colors (Black Storm, Racing Blue and Sao Paulo Yellow) from USD 36,900.

The BMW F 900 GS Adventure, on the other hand, offers a 23-liter fuel tank and is also delivered with spoked rims. Regarding the BMW F 900 GS, it adds an adjustable windshield, widened enduro pedals, skidplate (engine underbody protection) and special elements of the Ride Pro package, such as additional fog lights and Dynamic ESA suspension. It comes in two finishes (Black Storm and White Aluminum) from USD 39,900, with the possibility of mounting off-road covers as an option.

With the arrival of these three models, the GS range once again gains strength in the local market with differentiated options for each client, with the new BMW R 1300GS as the top of the range, and the specific proposals provided by the BMW F 800 GS, BMW F 900 GS and BMW F 900 GS Adventureall now available in the network of official dealers of BMW Motorrad.

  • BMW F 800 GS – From USD 32,900
  • BMW F 900 GS – From USD 36,900
  • BMW F 900 GS Adventure – From USD 39,900
  • BMW R 1300 GS – From USD 51,900
  • Three-year warranty with no mileage limit.

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