Eli Roth’s “Hostel” will have a series with Paul Giamatti as the protagonist

Eli Roth’s “Hostel” will have a series with Paul Giamatti as the protagonist

It is the latest horror movie franchise to make the jump to the small screen.

The 2005 cult classic horror film Eli Roth, Hostelis being adapted for a television series.

According to a report from the Deadline portal, a television series is in the works, although a network or streaming platform has not yet been connected to the show. Eli Roth will return to direct and write the next series with Chris Briggswho also co-wrote the 2005 film.

The TV series will be an “elevated thriller with Roth’s signature kills” and “a modern reinvention of the horror franchise.” While details remain scarce, it is reported that Paul Giamatti signed to play a key role in the television series Hostel.

What Hostel is about

Hostel from 2005 focuses on a group of American tourists who were convinced by a stranger to travel from Barcelona to Slovakia, where they are kidnapped by a secret and cowardly organization that lures and holds tourists captive so that rich clients can torture and kill them for fun. . It was starred by Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson and Eyþór Guðjónssonand was produced by Quentin Tarantino.

Hostel has spawned two sequels. In Hostel II 2007, Roth directed and wrote again, while Hostel III of 2011 was directed by Scott Speigel.

Hostel is now the latest horror movie franchise turned TV series. Last week, it was revealed that Bill Skarsgårdwho played Pennywise the Clown in the film franchise Itemwill reprise his role in the upcoming Max prequel series, Welcome To Derry.

Welcome To Derry is set to run for nine episodes, with franchise director Andy Muschietti in the director’s seat for four of its episodes.

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