The Glory 580, DFSK’s new family car, arrives in Argentina

The Glory 580, DFSK’s new family car, arrives in Argentina

The new SUV from the Chinese company will become one of the few models on the market with seven seats.

Arrives from China to Argentina on Glory 580the new seven-passenger SUV from DFSK. It is one of the brand’s most emblematic models, a “sport utility” designed for family use and one of the few cars on the market that offer seven seats.

“We chose the Glory 580 to introduce our range of SUVs in Argentina, because it is a vehicle that targets an audience that finds little offer: that of large families or those who need space both to move on a daily basis and to travel. But not only that, but It is a high quality vehicle.with a high level of equipment and that has very efficient mechanics, with levels of fuel consumption contentssomething that families know how to value,” he explained Santiago Sporleder, Commercial Manager of DFSK Argentina. The brand is imported by the Corven Group.

Glory 580: what is the structure and interior of the family car like?

He Glory 580 is 4.68 m long, 1.715 m wide, 1.845 m high and has a 2.78 m wheelbase., more than generous dimensions for its segment. Thanks to these measures, it offers a great balance between interior space, loading capacity (the trunk can take 375 L) and maneuverability compared to larger SUVs.

DFSK Glory 580 interior 3.jpg

The interior of the Glory 580

The interior of the Glory 580

Aesthetically it shows a robust and muscular silhouette that radiates presence on the streets. Its aerodynamic lines and high profile give it a dominant and elegant appearance at the same time.

The interior of the vehicle is spacious and well designed, with high quality materials and Soft-touch finishes give a feeling of luxury and comfort. The ergonomic seats are upholstered in premium eco-leather, offering support and comfort during long journeys. The intelligent interior design includes numerous storage compartments and a versatile seating configuration that can be easily adapted to accommodate additional passengers or additional cargo as needed.

Regarding the mechanical side, the Glory 580 has reliable and efficient mechanics, which combines power and fuel economy to deliver strong performance in a wide variety of driving conditions. For that it takes the 1.8 L 4-cylinder gasoline enginewhat delivery 132 HP at 6000 rpm and 176 Nm of torque from 3600 to 4400 rpm, combined with a CVT-type automatic transmission (continuously variable) and single-wheel drive (front). This impeller is designed to offer a adequate power for the size and weight of the vehicle, providing a smooth and dynamic driving experience both in the city and on the road. At the same time, the transmission It is designed to optimize performancemaximizing fuel efficiency and offering a smooth, effortless ride.

Availability and prices of the Glory 580 in Argentina

It is available in a single equipment level, in blue, grey, black, red and white colorsand with a suggested price to the public of $31,500,000. The warranty is for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

DFSK Glory 580 (11).jpg

Blue model of the Glory 580.

Blue model of the Glory 580.

In Argentina, DFSK’s presence began in 2018 with the commercialization of mini trucks and currently offers a mixed line of commercial vehicles (combustion and electric) and passengers.

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