Government: Fico blames Slovakian opposition for assassination

Government: Fico blames Slovakian opposition for assassination

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was critically injured by several shots. The attacker justified his actions with hatred. Now Fico is blaming the opposition for being partly responsible.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has spoken publicly for the first time three weeks after an assassination attempt. In a video message to the population, he announced that he would probably be able to resume his duties as head of government at the turn of June and July. The 59-year-old said that he felt no resentment towards the assassin who shot him several times on May 15, leaving him critically injured, and that he did not want to take legal action against him.

The left-wing populist, however, blamed the opposition for the assassination: “On May 15, an activist of the Slovak opposition tried to murder me in Handlova because of my political opinion,” said Fico in a calm and firm voice. It was obvious to him that the attacker was not a “lone wolf.” The perpetrator was “only the bearer of evil and political hatred that the politically unsuccessful and frustrated opposition in Slovakia had increased to an uncontrollable level.”

Fico recalled that he had been warning publicly for months that there was a threat of an assassination attempt on a government politician due to the hatred stirred up by the opposition and media close to it. “I said this publicly, in the media, at press conferences and also to all ambassadors of the EU and NATO countries in Slovakia.”

The left-wing populist head of government was critically injured by several shots fired by an opponent of the government on May 15 when he stepped outside to wait for supporters after a government meeting in the small town of Handlova. The attacker, who was arrested immediately after the attack, is currently in custody. During police questioning, the 71-year-old justified his actions with hatred of Fico and his government policies, according to a court document obtained by dpa.

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