Where is Centurion? Concern in Vélez over his disappearance

Where is Centurion?  Concern in Vélez over his disappearance

The president of Velez, Fabian Berlangarevealed this Wednesday that for 10 days they have not heard anything about the footballer Ricardo Centurionand that they are “very concerned” about his whereabouts.

“We don’t know anything about Centurion. “Ricardo disappeared from one day to the next and we are very worried”said the leader on Radio La Red.

Berlanga maintained that they are trying to locate the midfielder “through Google Maps”, and said that they cannot locate him and that he cut off the phone. “It’s been more than 10 days since he disappeared.”he added.

“He stopped coming to train and chatting with the professionals who were accompanying him. Quinteros had a talk. The pass belongs to Vélez and he has a contract until the end of the year, but that’s the least important thing to me”Berlanga also said in a talk with CNN Radio.

Centurión, 31 years old, has to his credit several acts of indiscipline for which he made the news several times. For these reasons, he had problems in almost all the teams in which he participated.

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In this context, concern grows even more about knowing the whereabouts of the footballer who emerged in Racing and with a past in Boca, San Lorenzo and Barracas Central, among others.

The footballer, whose pass belongs to Vélez, had rejoined “Fortín” training in mid-February, within the framework of the League Cup. Gustavo Quinteros’ team reached the final of the competition without any minutes from the talented player.

For the coach, Centurión is a footballer who he wanted to recover and who, if he was fit, could have the same chances as everyone. For this reason, given the lack of hierarchy, they then sought to be able to strike a blow with a player who was able to demonstrate his level for many years and who must recover.

Beyond good intentions, the midfielder has not been able to play a single game since then; which is why he would have shown some strange behaviors again.

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