Hyundai will present a new digital ecosystem in Russia

In 2022, the Korean company Hyundai will introduce a new digital ecosystem in Russia, which will be called HyundaiONE. This was announced on January 14 at a press conference by Alexey Kalitsev, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor CIS LLC.

The new ecosystem will unite the digital services of the automaker existing in Russia. It will include offline and online sales, maintenance, loyalty programs, subscription, marketplace and other services.

According to the top manager, the combination of digitalization and diversification processes will allow you to start using your car in a new way, to acquire and sell it.

On November 19, it was reported that Hyundai Motor at the AutoMobility LA Auto Show in Los Angeles introduced a new concept sports electric crossover Seven.

Externally, the car resembles the new minivan Staria. The prototype received complex multi-element optics in the form of “parametric pixels”. Environmentally friendly materials are used in the design of the car. For example, the body is covered with bio-paint, and the interior design uses bamboo wood, bio-resin and copper.

Source: IZ

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