FAS will check the validity of DNS price increase

FAS will check the validity of DNS price increase

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia will check the validity of the price increase by the Russian retailer DNS. This was reported on the agency’s website on Friday, February 25.

It is noted that the check was launched in connection with a public statement by DNS CEO Dmitry Alekseev that the retailer increased prices by 30% due to the depreciation of the ruble and rush demand from consumers.

“Today, the department sent a corresponding request to the organization, and also issued a warning to the company official about the inadmissibility of taking actions that may violate the law on protecting competition,” the antimonopolists say.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service added that when making sales, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of antimonopoly legislation. Participants throughout the supply chain should not allow unreasonable price increases.

If signs of unfair behavior and economically unjustified speculations of individual sellers are found, the agency will take antimonopoly regulation measures and suppress unfair practices, the FAS stressed.

The DNS network unites more than 2.2 thousand stores in at least 1 thousand Russian cities.

Earlier on the same day, Izvestia, citing sources close to retailers and market participants, wrote that some electronics suppliers, amid geopolitical instability, announced a restriction of supplies to Russia and a revision of prices, which could rise by 10-30%. Suppliers are afraid of a failure in the payment chains for goods and established logistics schemes.

According to the iPhones.ru resource, prices for the iPhone and a number of other Apple gadgets have risen sharply in the DNS. Ozon announced increased demand for a number of items, among the most popular are iPhone and Xiaomi smartphones and Apple Watch smart watches. MTS reported that they are monitoring the situation on the market and keeping prices at the same level.

It was emphasized that against the backdrop of US sanctions and threats to ban the import of smartphones into the Russian Federation, buyers began to buy gadgets. However, electronics is a bad investment during a crisis: buying it can be a waste of money, experts say.

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