YPF, Axion and Puma also applied a 4% increase in gasoline and diesel

YPF, Axion and Puma also applied a 4% increase in gasoline and diesel

Raízen Argentina, licensee of the Shell brand, applied the 4% increase in fuels on Sunday. YPF, Puma and Axion did it yesterday. As detailed by the company, the update seeks to “minimally absorb the increases in the prices of biofuels, the increase in logistics costs, and the variation in the official exchange rate that affects the price of the raw materials that we use for the production of fuels.” .

With this increase, in Shell the price of super gasoline was above $162 per liter, although in some stations it is paid up to $166. While the premium V-power exceeded $200. On the other hand, the value of diesel would rise to $182 and biodiesel would be $237.

In the case of YPF, super gasoline reached an average price of $156.80 per liter in the City of Buenos Aires, while Infinia reached $197.40. While the Diesel 500 variant rose to $168.40 and the Infinia Diesel to $236.

Fair Prices

Fuels joined the Fair Prices program in November, which establishes the fixing of prices for nearly 2,000 basic necessities for four months, and a maximum increase of 4% for another 30,000 items.

“For us it is very important to first thank YPF, Shell, Trafigura, Axion because being able to incorporate them into the Fair Prices program allows us to walk a path of tranquility for people. It is an agreement in which, in addition, the State undertakes to guarantee access to foreign currency for companies, to temporarily reduce taxes on fuel imports in order to guarantee supply for the agricultural sectors, especially during January and February, are the most important”, said Massa.

Source: Ambito

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