New paths: It was decided to introduce the job description of a specialist in orthodontics

New paths: It was decided to introduce the job description of a specialist in orthodontics

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The MPs unanimously voted in favor of establishing the specialist dentist for orthodontics. The job description will now finally be introduced in Austria from September 2023.

The e-prescription has been used nationwide in Austria since July 2022 and has thus replaced the paper form. The possible uses are now to be expanded and the area of ​​application expanded to include private prescriptions, for example hormonal contraceptives prescribed by gynecologists that are not purchased on account of the health insurance company. The corresponding change in the ASVG was decided by a majority in the National Council.

Introduction from September

The ÖVP and the Greens have again submitted an application for the introduction of the specialist dentist for orthodontics, whereby the central content of the original proposal remains unchanged. Specifically, it is about creating a legal basis for training and establishing a special professional title in the Dentists Act and, at the same time, anchoring the new tasks of the professional chamber in the Dentists Association Act that arise in this context. To date, Austria is one of the few countries in the EU in which the profession of specialist dentist for orthodontics is not yet regulated in accordance with European legal requirements. The new provisions are to come into force one year later than planned, namely on September 1, 2023. In the future, proof of qualification will be the completion of post-doctoral specialist dental training in orthodontics, which includes theoretical and practical studies in the form of a full-time university course lasting at least three years includes. Ralph Schallmeiner (Greens) recalled the difficult history of legislation, which shows how fragmented the Austrian healthcare system is and what self-interests are often pursued by some players.

In the future, e-prescriptions will also be possible for private prescriptions

The e-prescription is part of the electronic administration system of the statutory social insurance (ELSY) and comprehensively maps the health insurance process from the prescription of remedies to their dispensing and billing. So far, its use was only for social security purposes, e.g. B. the prescription of medicines and remedies that are dispensed at the expense of the health insurance carrier. With the amendment to the ASVG proposed by the ÖVP and the Greens, there is now an expansion of the possible uses. In the future, it will also be possible to prescribe medicinal products that are not paid for by the health insurance company (e.g. hormonal contraceptives). Members of health care institutions should also be able to take advantage of this option. In addition, the justification for the application points out that prescriptions for medicinal products that are not prescribed as part of patient treatment can be redeemed without a paper prescription.

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