Racing will receive Belgrano without an audience for the inmate at the bar

Racing will receive Belgrano without an audience for the inmate at the bar

The decision, which will be official in the next few hours, was made by the provincial Security Minister himself, Sergio Berniwho found the support of Governor Axel Kicillof to make such a decision.

The events that occurred recently at the Ezeiza International Airport on the return from Abu Dhabi after the Intercontinental Super Cup with Boca Juniors (2-1) plus other episodes of threats and violence on social networks acted as if to twist the will of the Agency of Prevention of Violence in Sports (Aprevide), whose owner Eduardo Aparicio had stated in journalistic statements that the meeting was going to be “played with the public.”

“We work to take care of the physical integrity of all the Racing fans who go to the pitch. That is why we held a working meeting with prosecutors from Avellaneda to see how we can carry out policies that can eradicate the violent who want to tarnish football”, Aparicio had stated regarding the situation and making clear the will to accommodate the public in the stands in the match on Sunday at 7:15 p.m. in the Cilindro de Avellaneda.

However, Minister Berni’s determination was stronger and it was decided (“to prevent incidents that would later be regretted” as a police source consulted told Télam) to play the match without people and behind closed doors.


Racing had already played a friendly with its namesake from Montevideo without an audience two weeks ago, due to the same situation. In addition, during the week, a historic member of the official staff of the ‘Academy’, Darío Bárzola, alias ‘Gamuza’, was arrested.

The inmate of the racinguista bar has three sectors in conflict. The first, located in Villa Corina, responds as leader to Leandro Paredes (released last Thursday after remaining in pretrial detention). The second nucleus, geographically identified with the Dock Sud neighborhood, has Diego Quintana as a reference and brings together the historical components of ‘The Imperial Guard’.

The third sector is owned by those who today ‘manage the bar’, called Los Pibes de Racing, who have in their ranks the boss Matías Alfonzo, accompanied by the aforementioned Bárzola.

Source: Ambito

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