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The Government highlighted the growth of the agro-industrial sector in the last three years

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“Agribusiness production and exports closed the 2020-2022 period with sustained growth in animal proteins, grains, and by-products,” the official commented on the website.

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In that message, he expressed that “the country, with the strength of the producers, faced all the difficulties, achieving increases in production and exports.”


Later, in dialogue with Radio 10, Bahillo explained: “When we compare between 2019 and 2022, corn was produced 30% more and 50% more was exported, beef was produced 9% more and 147% more was exported, the same happens with the rest of the meat and dairy.”

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“In wheat we had a record harvest in the previous campaign and in this season, due to the drought, we lost almost 30% of production. Soybean oil was exported 8% more and sunflower oil 12% more”, he completed.

In that same interview, the official commented that “the cost of the war for our country was almost 5,100 million dollars, the circumstances that seemed favorable for exports did not occur. Energy, fertilizer and freight to export were more expensive. Everything happened in an adverse context where production grew, as well as exports.”


The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries reported this Thursday that agricultural exports grew 8.5% in 2022 compared to 2021, when totalizing 49.581 million dollars, informed the rural portfolio.

In a statement, it was detailed that “the highest percentage growths were achieved by the items: meat and dairy, with 20.7%, when selling for 5,508 million dollars; wheat, with 35.4%, adding 4,723 million dollars ; and the accumulated sunflower, barley and sorghum grew together 41.4%, and made sales for 3,557 million dollars.



according to a survey of the Undersecretary of Agriculturethe soybean exports reached 22,279 million dollars, marking a 2.5% increase; while those of corn climbed 2.7%, when totalizing 9,543 million dollars.

Lastly, the sales of tobacco, wood and cotton reached 803 million dollars and marked a growth of 3%.

Source: Ambito

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