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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

subsidies were withdrawn from 40% of users

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Royón highlighted, in a presentation, that in the second stage of the segmentation 68% of residential users did not have a rate increase. At the same time, he guaranteed that in 2023 HE continue with the segmentation process and will progress with third stage in the reallocation of subsidies.

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He also said that a 33% of the electric power users still did not apply for the subsidy or are included within the segment of high income. “Today, the priority is detect within this percentage to those low or medium level users who have not signed up yet in the RASE, in order to guarantee the equity of the segmentation system that is in force, so as not to harm lower-income households. That is why the registration form remains open,” he added.

How will segmentation continue in 2023?

The official also explained that in 2023for the sectors of high income or those who do not apply for the subsidythere will be a remove 40%while for the middle sectors that removal will be from twenty%. This year, the rise in the price of energy “will oscillate between 0% and 36%“, he guaranteed.

He also highlighted that in the design of the price of the cost of energy, the government maintains “the policy of wages beating rates”. “We built a fair and responsible rate modelwhich places in first place the protection of families, retirees and all the lower-income sectors that need the support of the State,” he added.

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Royón insisted that the increase sought by the electric power companies will not be granted “because precisely would greatly alter the relationship between family income and the cost of tariffs. Therefore, it will be the increase that families can afford.”

The AMBA electricity companies requested a 260% increasebut it was decided to implement a step increase in two equal installmentsthe first from 1 April and the second, from the first of June. For the residential of lower income the rate increase will not exceed $360 per fee, while for level 1 there will be an increase of up to $400.

For his part, he 72% of users of medium and low levels (N2 and N3) will receive a fee increase up to $400 monthly with respect to the VAD (Added Value of Distribution). Finally, the official assured that there will be no public hearing until the end of October.

Source: Ambito

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