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Car crashed into tree: child (2) and grandparents injured

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The Kollerschlag, Mollmannsreith and Sarleinsbach fire brigades responded.
Image: Volunteer fire brigade Kollerschlag
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A 58-year-old, his wife (56) and their grandchild (2) were traveling from Kollerschlag in the direction of Oberkappel when the car left the road and hit a tree head-on. The 56-year-old passenger was trapped in the wreck and could only be freed “after some time”, the police said.

The Christophorus 10 helicopter then flew the injured person to the Wels Clinic, and the two-year-old child was taken to the Passau Clinic by helicopter Europa 3. An ambulance transported the injured driver to the Rohrbach hospital. The Mollmannsreith, Kollerschlag and Sarleinsbach fire brigades were also deployed.

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Regarding the cause of the accident, the police said: “Since the child let his head hang down strangely, the woman must have unbuckled her seat belt and turned to the child. According to their own statements, the driver also looked back. He came off the road to the right.”

Source: Nachrichten

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