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Energy-saving tips: Not all of them are correct

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Here are five energy-saving myths:
1. Energy-saving lamps
From the name alone it can be assumed that the energy-saving lamp is the most economical light source. A mistake: Although LED lamps are generally more expensive, they consume less electricity than energy-saving lamps.
2. Showering is always more economical than bathing
That depends on a few factors. A conventional bathtub has a capacity of around 150-200 liters. Conventional shower heads use an average of 15 liters of water per minute. So if you shower for ten minutes or longer, you can, if in doubt, top the water consumption of a bath.
3. Electricity consumes the most energy
Many assume that electricity consumes the most energy in the home. Wrong thinking: Around 70 percent of private energy consumption is taken up by heating costs.
4. Hand washing saves energy
Studies have shown that dishwashers use around 28 percent less energy on average than washing dishes by hand. Hand washing is rarely worthwhile: Only those who are very economical can use less energy than a modern dishwasher.
5. The Eco program lasts longer and therefore consumes more energy
The Eco program of the washing machine or dishwasher lasts three or more hours. However, the laundry has more time to soak in the suds, so the washing machine needs much less water, heats the water less and uses much less energy accordingly.

Source: Stern

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