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Liaison Table and self-convened prepare new mobilization against the Government

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Between specific claims From the countryside to the Government, the following stand out: suspending the Income Tax, fiscal executions and blocking of accounts, pressures on banks and embargoes; carry out a comprehensive and progressive tax reform; eliminate the exchange differential, establish a plan to eliminate export duties (withholdings); create multi-risk insurance and change the Emergency Law as it is considered obsolete.

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Although some of these measures were announced by the Governmentespecially those related to the suspension of foreclosures, bank arrears and income tax, the truth is that in the sector they consider that what is stipulated to help agricultural producers is quite poor or of very little scope considering that the current drought is the deepest in 60 years and production cuts are expected that will cost millions of dollars not only to the sector but to the economy in general.

“Faced with the real situation of Argentine producers, which in addition to the macroeconomic problems add up to the very serious damage caused by the drought, everything in the present shows that it is time to make real, concrete and useful decisions; You cannot face such a crisis with only patches, announcements and bureaucracy,” the CRA said in a statement.

In parallel, the field has been demanding the elimination of withholdings for a long time and even more so in a context of drought. Meanwhile From the Government they flatly rule out the elimination of the tax for extensive crops such as soybeans, corn and wheat, but they emphasize that for the regional economies there may be news in the short term.

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In turn, the ruling party emphasizes that for months it has been doing meticulous work to reach small and medium-sized producers first and with greater support. In any case, the Agrarian Federation, the entity that precisely represents this portion of the countryside, warns that in the first place the issue of withholdings and the elimination of the exchange differential must be put on the table so that there is real relief.

“From the FAA we have decided on this call due to the strong impact of the drought, frost and hailstorms that wreaked havoc among small and medium-sized producers,” said the head of the entity, Carlos Achetoni. The federated leader indicated that ” the economic crisis with high inflation and the various exchange rates mean that the situation is not enough” and affirmed that “the aid announcements only remain that”. The ruralista leader considered that the Government’s assistance is arriving “late and badly “and that there are a considerable number of producers who are “not contained” by the announced benefits.

Source: Ambito

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