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Inflation expectations dropped slightly in February to 69.9%

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By regions, Federal Capital and GBA present the highest expectations, 73.3% and 70.2% respectively, while in the Interior the value was 69.1%. By income, heterogeneous expectations are observed for the different levels. Households with higher incomes have an average inflation expectation of 73.2% (80% according to the median), while households with lower incomes have 65.9% (60% according to the median).

The expectation of high inflation is maintained throughout the country

By regions, it is observed that in the month of February there is a difference in terms of the measurement of the median between the Interior (70%) and the other regions, with the medians for CABA and GBA being 80%. By average, the Interior yields a value of 69.1% while the numbers for GBA and CABA are higher: 70.2% and 73.3%, respectively. On the other hand, comparing against the previous month, and looking at the average to capture the variability, It is observed that inflation expectations increased in the Interior and CABA, but fell in GBA.

income report

If the inflation expectation is observed according to income level, the average expected inflation perceived by households increases slightly

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The average expected inflation perceived by households increases slightly for sectors with higher income levels, while it registers a decrease in the segment of households with lower income levels.

During the month of February, inflation expectations for higher-income households increased by 0.2%, while a drop of 0.9% was reported in inflation expectations for lower-income households.

If at the same time we disaggregate it by region, it can be seen that the average inflation expectations perceived by households with a higher educational level are 75.43% for Capital, 68.9% for GBA and 74.2% for the Interior, while for individuals with a lower educational level the averages are 76.6%, 66.5% and 66% respectively.

Source: Ambito

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