Uruguay is not prepared for the drought

Uruguay is not prepared for the drought

In this sense, he recalled that “there was state policies that at some point they were promoted but that at some point they were put aside”. Consequently, today “we are not sufficiently prepared to face circumstances of this nature,” according to the minister.

In this regard, Mattos pointed out that the work in pursuit of improve the conditions to face the new climate scenario “It is an aspect that has to do with youa decision of the government and that concerns the private”. “We understand that in the current legislation there are not enough guarantees, stimuli and long-term investment processes that encourage the private sector to be able to invest to a greater degree,” he said.

A conscientious risk

In the same line of argument, Mattos pointed out that “irrigating is not only storing, but know how to distribute and use the instrument because it requires a large investment per hectare. Investing in one irrigated hectare is equivalent to buying one hectare of land.”

In this sense, he explained that in Uruguay there are some 16.5 million productive hectares, of which 270,000 have different irrigation systems installed. “That equals less than 2% of the irrigable area that the country has, is very little and we can take it to 10%, that is why we say that we can multiply it by five. It has been diagnosed that we can reach more than 1.5 million hectares”, considered the minister.

Likewise, Mattos acknowledged that there are still articles from the irrigation law to regulate, as well as factors to correct. In this regard, the MGAP will seek to convene a GACH so that the team of experts advise and identify the elements that must be improved so that the country can face future droughts. “Everything requires culture, training, changes so that the productive system does not remain looking up without an answer,” she summarized.

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