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Electricity consumption in January was the highest in history

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Fundelec warned that the increase in demand had an impact on the average temperature last month, of 26.9 °C, higher than the 26.2 °C of January last year and the 24.6 °C of the historical average for January.

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Residential demand increased by 5.1% and reached 50% of the total, while commercial demand grew 0.9% and represented 27%, while industrial demand (which concentrated the remaining 23%) registered a year-on-year rise of 4.7%.

In which provinces did consumption fall?

In twelve provinces and/or companies there were drops in consumption: Corrientes (-7%), San Luis (-7%), Misiones (-6%), Formosa (-5%), EDES (-3%), La Rioja (-3%), Chaco (-3%), San Juan (-2%), Tucumán (-1%), Salta (-1%), Catamarca (-1%) and Neuquén (-1%).

For its part, in fourteen cases there were increases: Chubut (33%), EDEN (9%), Santa Cruz (8%), La Pampa (8%), Santiago del Estero (7%), Santa Fe (7%) , Entre Ríos (7%), Edelap (5%), Jujuy (3%), Río Negro (3%), EDEA (3%), Córdoba (2%) and the aforementioned Edenor and Edesur, while in Mendoza remained unchanged.

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Hydraulic generation was in the order of 2,635 GWh against 1,980 GWh in the same period of the previous year, which represents a positive variation of 33%.

“Although the flows are below their historical values ​​for the period, an increase is observed in the main basins compared to the same month of the previous year“, highlighted the Foundation.

However, thermal generation continued to lead widely, with 59.37% of the total requirements, followed by hydroelectric plants (18.51%), generators from alternative sources (11.53%) and nuclear (4 44%), while imports represented 6.14% of the demand.

“In all alternative fuels there was a drop, while natural gas also had lower consumption,” the entity completed.

Source: Ambito

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