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Austerity plans: Austria’s sports scene is in turmoil

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ÖEHV President Klaus Hartmann
Image: GEPA pictures/ Philipp Brem
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After the handball federation (“We feel a bit taken aback”), the ice hockey federation, among others, also spoke up and spoke of a loss in terms of TV media value in the millions.

“In view of the fact that we have existing sponsorship agreements and are working hard to expand our sponsorship portfolio, this announcement feels like a slap in the face,” said ÖEHV President Klaus Hartmann in a broadcast. “We will pull out all the stops so that the sport does not lose visibility and perception.” The sports associations must and will pull together so that the media presence is not lost.

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“Saving: Yes – but not in sport! This is the basis for health and life. Of course, efficiency and economy are important, also for us in ÖTV. But this must not result in such important social tasks not being fulfilled”, said Martin Ohneberg, president of the local tennis association. “If you were to deprive sport of public attention, you would also deprive it of its veins, its blood, because the impact on the public and with it the sponsorship and financial resources were lost.”

The association “Kärnten Sport” started an online petition for the preservation of the special interest channel. “A possible omission of this station would have drastic consequences for the variety of sports in Austria and would be a slap in the face for many sports, associations, clubs and athletes who do not have the financial means of so-called ‘premium sports’,” it says .

According to the broadcast, the ASKÖ executive committee unanimously passed a resolution in a meeting on Tuesday, according to which vehement protests were made on behalf of all member clubs and athletes against the cessation of ORF Sport +. “We call for an immediate round table with the involvement of Sport Austria with Federal Chancellor Nehammer, Sports Minister Kogler, Media Minister Raab and ORF Director General Weißmann, in which a solution for the continued existence of the ORF special interest channel Sport + is found”. It was said that a few million euros could not fail to endanger the existence of many sports and clubs that need an advertising presence.

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