Energy: Ministries are working on a draft ban on new oil-fired heating systems

Energy: Ministries are working on a draft ban on new oil-fired heating systems
Energy: Ministries are working on a draft ban on new oil-fired heating systems

For more climate protection, the installation of pure oil or gas heating systems should soon no longer be possible without further ado, according to the will of the traffic light coalition. A corresponding amendment is currently being developed.

The economics and construction ministries are working on a draft law to ban the installation of new gas and oil heating systems from 2024. However, there are currently no final drafts, said a spokeswoman on Tuesday in Berlin for a report by the “Bild” newspaper. The Economics and Climate Protection Ministry and the Building Ministry are currently working together on an amendment.

Almost a year ago, the coalition agreed that from January 1, 2024, every newly installed heating system should be operated with 65 percent renewable energy. This requirement is to be anchored in the Building Energy Act. In the coalition agreement, this was previously planned for January 1, 2025. The background are stronger efforts in the building sector for more climate protection.

The installation of heating systems based exclusively on fossil fuels – especially gas and oil heating – will no longer be permitted from 2024, according to the draft law, which, according to the ministry, is not yet final. This draft was available to the German Press Agency.

Habeck sees a strong need for funding

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) made it clear last Wednesday that he sees a strong need for state support for the increased switch to climate-friendly heating systems. After a visit to the company in Elsterheide, Saxony, he said that the funding had to be such that people with a smaller budget were not prevented from renovating a house, installing a heat pump or removing the gas burner.

The federal government must create the financial opportunities to make up the difference to gas heating, which is cheaper – until the ramp-up is there and alternative technology has become cheaper, said Habeck.

The exchange of heating is already being promoted. There are sometimes long delivery times for heat pumps. Germany has legally committed to becoming greenhouse gas neutral by 2045 at the latest. To this end, the use of fossil fuels in building heating is to be completely phased out by 2045 at the latest.

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