The computer workers union supports the technology monotribute bill

The computer workers union supports the technology monotribute bill

Along these lines, the Secretary General of the Computer Trade Association (AGC), Ezequiel Toscostated that “this is a political decision very brave that He comes to answer and order a demand that has existed for many years.”

“The Monkey Tech allows us to retain our talents in the country and, furthermore, to avoid financial triangulation, contribute to the national economy and to the accumulation of foreign currency”, highlighted Tosco, who explained that “one of the main objectives of the association is the creation of a Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows to regulate the workers of the computer activity at the same time that regain purchasing power and achieve competitive wagesone of the main reasons why many people are forced to look for work abroad”.

For his part, the Secretary of Knowledge Economy, Ariel Sujarchuk, stressed that it is necessary “work with simple and clear tools to promote the development of the activity of autonomous professionals and talents from different branches based on knowledge”.

“This Mono Tech project arises from the need to expand rights in a sector with great dynamism and with the capacity to generate employment which, at the same time, is informal,” Sujarchuk said.

According to data from the latest report of the Production Studies Center (CEP XXI) of the Ministry of Economy, “by the end of 2022, 142,647 IT jobs were registered with a year-on-year growth of 6.3%“.

“This is the most dynamic sector within knowledge-based servicesa strategic area for the country that grows uninterruptedly”, indicated the CEP XXI.

By your side, Roughcommented that “It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of professionals who bill knowledge-based services abroad will benefit from this measure.“.

“With the mere fact of register in the single tax categories that the new regime would enablethe workers will be able to access a social work, family allowances and creditsamong other relevant points”, pointed out the union leader.

He affirmed that “Mono Tech is going to allow retain these talents in the country and keep the economy in Argentina“, and specified that” they will be able to access programmers, computer scientists, journalists, university professors, gamers, architects, scriptwriters, translators and all those workers who export knowledge-based services abroad”.

He further pointed out “the requirements to join will be to reside in Argentina, be a human person and that the income of the last 12 months is less or equalIt’s one of three categories arranged for the new monotribute of up to US$10,000, US$20,000 or US$30,000 per year”.

The project to create a simplified regime for small technological contributors and another specific exchange rate obtained at the beginning of the month majority opinion in the Budget and Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputieswith which it was able to be debated by the plenary when the conflict generated between Juntos por el Cambio and the ruling party was unblocked as a result of the refusal of the opposition interbloc to go down to the premises while the debate on the impeachment of the members of the Supreme Court.

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