Desire for more and less work

Desire for more and less work
Typical female job (Weihbold)
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Only three out of ten women who currently work part-time are able or willing to increase their working hours. This is a result of the most recent evaluation of the Austrian Working Climate Index of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour. Those women who want to work more currently work an average of 27 hours a week and would like to work seven hours more.

37 percent of men who work part-time also want to increase their hours. On the other hand, many full-time employees want to reduce hours. This is almost forty percent among full-time women and thirty percent among men. AK President Andreas Stangl sees “there is a lot of potential for a fairer distribution of working hours between full-time and part-time employees”.

He combines this with the demand for fair pay, the best childcare and family-friendly working hours.

Stangl detects discrimination against women that goes beyond working hours. According to the Working Climate Index, the difference in income is 100 euros for part-time employees. “Part-time alone is therefore not a complete explanation for the income disadvantages of women,” says Stangl. There has also been little change in the gender distribution in classic female and male occupations, with the former being paid significantly less.

Discuss on Friday, March 3rd at OÖN Women’s Day Experts under the title “In love, engaged, impoverished” on the requirements for women to lead a financially independent life. All details: nachrichten.at/frauenzeit

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