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Equal Pay Day: These women are fighting for equal pay

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Some pioneer women have dared to sue their employers. They want women to earn the same as men and are finally making headway. Our author is one of them.

When the presiding judge gave her verdict two weeks ago, tears came to Susanne Dumas. With relief, with joy and probably also because she is exhausted. She is entitled to 14,500 euros, plus interest, because the business graduate has earned that much less than a male colleague in just over two years. On top of that, the Federal Labor Court in Erfurt awarded her 2,000 euros in compensation.

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What a huge success! I am also suing my former employer for equal pay – we, an exquisite series of equal pay plaintiffs, have already reached fundamental judgments. But Dumas is the first to be awarded the full salary retrospectively.

Source: Stern

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