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2022 reflected the highest growth of companies in 5 years

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According to the report, During the second half of 2022, 23,774 new legal CUITs were incorporated into the banking system, which represents 4.8% more than in the second half of 2021. In total, more than 44,000 companies opened bank accounts throughout the year, which represents 15% more than in 2018. Taking into account the cancellations, the net growth of the second half of 2022 was 12,859 companies banked in this period.

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“The digitization of finances is a phenomenon in full growth as well as the banking of companies. In this last index we can see how the average number of accounts per company is increasing: in 2022 the average was 7.8, climbing 1.5 points in just four years,” said Pablo Carretino, CEO of Interbanking.

As pointed out in the previous installment, SMEs and MicroSMEs represent 96% of bank CUITs, however, in terms of the amount of transfers, 77% of the total amount of transfers made in the last semester of 2022 corresponds to the segment of Large Companieswhile the former, as a whole, add up to 12% of the total amount, which during this period exceeded 100 trillion pesos, 3.7% more than in the same period of 2021, taking into account adjustments for inflation and seasonality.


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“We know that we have to move towards a world with greater financial inclusion and for that there is no better way than to generate more transparency and knowledge about how the economy evolves and how the economies of the companies are made up. For example, although 17% of the transactions operated through Interbanking in the last semester of 2022 correspond to salary payments, the amount of the same category represents only 3.8% of the total. At the same time, the volume of transfers destined to payments made to the AFIP is 6%, but they add up to more than 21% of the total amount”, explained Carretino.

With a growth above 100% compared to the same period of the previous year, the northern provinces of La Rioja, Salta and Formosaas well as San Luis, in Cuyo, they were the ones that stood out the most due to the movements in the volume of transactions of the companies located there.

Banking access in the interior provinces of the country has shown significant progress in recent years. In Salta, where there are 6,873 companies registered with legal CUIT, the growth between 2021 and 2022 was 10%, while in provinces such as Santa Fe and Córdoba the increase is reflected in the number of operations carried out by the companies located there, which represent 6.4% and 6% respectively, of the total number of transactions registered through Interbanking nationwide.

The Interbanking Index, on a monthly basis, is carried out on legal CUITs, which means that it does not include individuals, monotributistas and self-employed persons.

Source: Ambito

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