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What do Uruguayans think of Argentine politicians?

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The survey, which asked about several presidents and ex-presidents, showed that Uruguayans do not seem to perceive good examples of regional leadership. “Except Lulaall the leaders evaluated receive looks of negative balance from part of the national population”, assured the consultant.

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In the case of Argentina, the balance between sympathy and antipathy generated by its politicians was negative. The former president Mauricio Macri has 13% sympathy and 61% antipathy, while for the ascendant deputy javier milei the numbers were 15% and 32%, respectively, standing out in his case a high degree of ignorance among the Uruguayan population: 48% do not know it.

President Alberto Fernandezwho has starred in two crosses with Luis Lacalle Pou for their conflicting views on the mercosuris well seen by 7% of those consulted while 67% reject it.

The work of Equipos Consultores considered three indicators simultaneously. In the first place the level of “likes” (or positive opinions), secondly the level of “dislikes” (or negative opinions), and finally the “net balance” which is the simple subtraction of the two previous numbers.

What about the rest of America?

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Except for the president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, all the international political leaders evaluated have negative net balances. The leftist leader receives an almost balanced balance (36% likes and 35% dislikes), that is, a barely positive net balance (of +1). At the other extreme, the Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro receives 5% likes and 76% rejection, with a negative net balance of -71.

When the regional leaders of each country are compared with their corresponding compatriot, “clear winners” are found in some cases, and in other more balanced or diffuse situations, reported Uy Press.

For the Brazilian leaders, while Lula has a balanced balance, Jair Bolsonaro receives 12% sympathy and 66% rejection, that is, a net balance of -54.

Among the leaders of the United States, the balance favors the president Joe Biden about his predecessor donald trump. Although the tycoon is significantly better known, and even has a little more sympathy (15% over 13% for Biden), he also receives much more rejection. Almost two out of three Uruguayans (63%) have a negative opinion of the Republican (against 37% of the Democrat), and this makes the net balance of the current president (-24) better than that of the previous one (-48).

Source: Ambito

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