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The state of agricultural emergency was decreed in Chaco and its validity was extended in Corrientes

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It should be remembered that, as in all declarations of this type, both measures are based on the presentation of various provincial emergency decrees to the National Commission for Agricultural Emergencies and Disasters on behalf of the provinces of Chaco and Corrientes for the purposes of applying what is contemplated in Law 26,509, which, among other benefits, provides for the extension of the due date for the payment of existing taxes or to be created for affected by emergencies and agricultural disasters.

Requirements for beneficiaries

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To receive the benefits, the affected producers in both provinces must present certificate issued by the competent authority of the province, in which it is stated that their properties or exploitations are included in the foreseen cases.

Provincial governments will send the list of affected producers to the Executive Technical Secretariat of the National Commission for Agricultural Emergencies and Disasters, along with a copy of the emergency certificate issued by the competent provincial authority.

For their part, the national, official or mixed banking institutions and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) They will arbitrate the necessary means so that the agricultural producers included in the resolution enjoy the foreseen benefits.

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